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Monday, April 13, 2009

Blogger's Experience as a Beginner

Today, I am just 2 months old in the blogging sphere. I started blogging on 13th February, 2009. At first, I did not even want to indulge myself into blogging, let alone to create my own blog. In fact, I was ashamed to tell my friends that I did not even know how to create one. They however encouraged me to learn from my 14-year old daughter who had already created her own blog for educational purpose.

Honestly, I was compelled by circumstances to create my own blog in order to publish my own article or blog. In fact, I did send one important article to Malaysiakini for publication in response to an article published on 2th December, 2008. But the article was only published at later date on 24th February 2009 by Malaysiakini. By then, I have already created my own blog and published the same on 13th February, 2009.

In fact, while waiting for Malaysiakini to publish my article, I sought the assistance of Aki Momogun to publish it on 14th February 2009. Thanks to the Editor, Joseph.

I was impressed by AKI MOMOGUN’s blog which I have been following ever since the publication of my article in his blog. At first, it never occurred to my mind to create my own blog. But after evaluating the potentials of blogging, I decided to create one. I am now able to convey my thoughts and share wealth of experiences from the other bloggers who are in this field very much earlier. Invaluable feedbacks from the readers are equally important to improve your blogging skill.

As I said earlier, I did not even know how to create a blog. Perhaps, the ‘blog bug’ finally caught on me, and I finally plucked up my courage to create my own blog without any assistance. Taking AKI MOMOGUN’s format which I chose from the numerous templates available, I successfully created my own blog and posted my first article. You will notice that AKI MOMOGUN’s and mine have the same format, save that his blog has more frills than mine.

As time went on, I learned through trials and error, improving along the way in terms of my blog’s outlook and its presentation as it is now, and I am still learning the tricks of the trade.

Other bloggers have also been very supportive to me by sharing their experiences. I thank them all for sharing with me their experiences and advice, especially Sikmading who pointed out to me the ‘do’s and ‘dont’s’ in blogging world. I still remember his advice to me: “[...] blogging is like direct selling; the more you share the more you gain”. I could not agree with him more on this score!

I cannot deny the fact I have gained a wealth of blogging experience just by reading other bloggers’ articles. I have read a blogger’s experience about clicking the publish button in haste, and he ended up unnecessarily in correcting those silly spelling mistakes that would have been corrected by running the spell checks tool. I share his bad experience and, like him, I have also decided to repent.

By expressing my thoughts as well as conveying messages that may be useful to the public through my blog, I hope that in one way or another I can contribute to the society in a small way; that I could convey to my readers and/or the public of my thoughts and opinions in a positive and constructive manner.

This article is LINUNDUS’ 100th posting as I press the publish button.


  1. Congratulations. You have done very well in the blogging world given the relatively short span of your
    existence of 2 months. Happy blogging. It would be easier for me should I decide to go into blogging in the
    future. I don't have to re-invent the wheel. I would have a ready sifu to my assistance.

    Have a nice day.


  2. Gundohing,
    You had me floored with all those good thing to say about me. Like you, I was also not into blogging but just surfing, reading blogs belonging to my former bosses in the New Straits Times (who are, like me no longer with NST). Only later I decided to create one. The rest is history.
    For Sikmading, I dare say that he was also hooked in blogging with a little assistance from Aki Momogun.
    Well, we are now all bloggers, let carry one blogging

  3. Congratulation on your 100th articles published in your blog. keep your momentum until your 1000th, thus consistence to your SOIBU TOUN song. Adious FE.

  4. Congratulations SJD inspite of new kid on the blogs you are already like a sifu but anyway keep on rocking blogging especially publishing local issue especially our race Kadazan Dusun, business, historical folktales or gossips, religion, welfare etc cheers aramai tii.

  5. Wow! 99 posts in just 2 months! It took me almost a year! Congratulations!

    Thanks for the compliments. I'm glad that you are not a lazy blogger like me.

    As for Aki Momogun, yes, I hereby confirm that he was the one who encouraged me to go into blogging. Thanks once again.

    Happy & Blessed Easter! OK bah kalau kau!!!