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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

'Be Safe, Use Protection, Wear a Rosary'

Posted by Laurence England

Perplexed by continued soaring rates of teenage pregnancies, abortions and STIs, a new Government advertising scheme is to roll out next summer. The campaign, 'Be Safe: Wear a Rosary' is a stunning change in direction from the Government. The advertising campaign will feature a young couple getting hot under the collar. The controversial advert, which has received over 500 million complaints from atheists already, before it has even been aired, will feature a conversation from the young couple on the benefits of the Rosary.

The teenage boy and the teenage girl are watching a film when the couple begin kissing and hands start moving to places which could lead to impurity and sin. The teenage girl then says, "Did you bring protection?"

The teenage boy then says, "Oh no...I can't find it. Do you have one?"

The girl says, "Hang on, I'll have a dig around in my bedside drawer....Yes, I've got one. Shall we use a blue one or a white one?"

The boy says, "A white one. Let's do it on the floor in the bedroom."

The girl says, "Yes, lets do that."

The boy then says, "Ready? I believe in One God, the Father the Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth..."

A ladies voiceover then comes in as the ad fades to a picture of the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary and whispers, "Be Safe, Use Protection, Wear a Rosary."

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Twelve pound nugget of gold!

You would probably have come across this piece sometime & somewhere in the past. But no harm in re-reposting it! Have a good & safe day! - Idrus al-Haj.

A husband and wife both were very happy over the twelve pound baby boy that was born to them. Mr. Brown who could not conceal his delight, called up the editor of a famous newspaper and reported that he became the proud owner of a twelve pound nugget of gold.

The editor upon hearing the seemingly extraordinary news was rather hesitant to accept it at its face value. So he sent his star reporter to interview Mr. Brown. When the reporter came, Mr. Brown was away and his wife was alone at home.

The following interesting conversation took place between the reporter and Mrs. Brown:

Reporter : Does Mr. Brown Live here?

Mrs. Brown : Oh! Yes.

Reporter : Is he in?

Mrs. Brown : Why no, he went somewhere.

Reporter : Is it true that he owns a twelve pound nugget of gold?

Mrs. Brown : (Seeing the joke) Yes, indeed.

Reporter : Can I see the place where he found it?

Mrs. Brown : I am afraid, not because Mr. Brown objects in as much as it is strictly private.

Reporter : Is the place far?

Mrs. Brown : No, it is quite near and convenient.

Reporter : How many years has Mr. Brown been digging the hole?

Mrs. Brown : Just for about ten months.

Reporter : Is the hole deep?

Mrs. Brown : Quite so...

Reporter : Has Mr. Brown reached the bottom of it?

Mrs. Brown : Not yet, but he is coming near...

Reporter : At about what time does Mr. Brown starts digging?

Mrs. Brown : Oh, he does his digging mostly at night.

Reporter : Does he work hard on it?

Mrs. Brown : You bet... and how he perspires.

Reporter : Is Mr. Brown the first to dig?

Mrs. Brown : He thought he was...

Reporter : How do you know there was someone ahead of him?

Mrs. Brown : I am in a good position to say so, because I own the place.

Reporter : Oh, I see, but you sold the place to Mr. Brown?

Mrs. Brown : No, but for the present, he has the legal title to the site, with my consent. Reporter : Has Mr. Brown any helper when he works on the claim?

Mrs. Brown : Yes, I work under him...

Reporter : When do you think Mr. Brown will sell the place?

Mrs. Brown : I think not because he enjoys working on it.

Reporter : Can I see the twelve pound nugget of gold?

Mrs. Brown : Yes, certainly (and she showed him the twelve pound baby boy :-)

The Reporter fainted!

Anglican bishop plans to convert to Catholicism

Hundreds of traditionalist clergy could join the exodus, though most are waiting for the exact details of the new apostolic constitution to be published Photo: CHRISTOPHER PLEDGER

Bishop John Hind of Chichester, described by The Telegraph as “the most senior traditionalist in the Church of England,” has announced his plans to convert to Catholicism.

“This is a remarkable new step from the Vatican,” he said, referring to Pope Benedict’s decision to permit members of Anglican communities to enter the Catholic Church as communities. “At long last there are some choices for Catholics in the Church of England. I'd be happy to be reordained into the Catholic Church.”


Sunday, October 25, 2009

M'sia Day declared a national holiday

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has declared

that Malaysia Day which falls on Sept 16 annually will be a national public holiday from next year.

He told Dewan Rakyat Monday that the formation of Malaysia as an independent and sovereign country was an important chapter in the nation's history.

"As such, Malaysians will celebrate a twin national holiday. Merdeka Day on Aug 31 which reminds us of the fight for independence from the colonialists will be celebrated with processions and so forth.

Malaysia Day is celebrated annually on Sept 16 to remind of the formation of the federation of Malaysia following the inclusion of Sabah and Sarawak in 1963.

Najib was replying to a question by Datuk Dr Marcus Mojigoh (BN-Putatan) who wanted to know about the people's acceptance of 1Malaysia and programmes needed to achieve it.

"The formation of Malaysia as an independent and sovereign country was an important chapter in the nation's history. We want the joy and sorrows of Sabah and Sarawak people to be felt by those in peninsula."

UPKO hails the announcement

United Pasok Momogun Kadazandusun Murut Organisation (Upko) hailed the Prime Minister's announcement of Sept 16 as a national holiday as being long overdue.

The decision by the government goes a long way to putting right what I have always called a distortion of history," said its president, Tan Sri Bernard Dompok in his blog.

It is time also to remember the founding fathers of this nation, Tun Fuad Stephens, the President of the then Upko, announced the Declaration of Malaysia on September 16, 1963 in Jesselton as Kota Kinabalu was then known.

"He had prior to this declaration, chaired the Inter-Governmental Committee (IGC) which had in its membership leaders from Malaya, North Borneo, Sarawak and Singapore. The IGC was the forum for the discussion of the terms and conditions for the formation of the new nation to be named Malaysia," he said.

In this respect, Dompok said Upko wished to restate that its guiding philosophy is the pursuit of the aspirations upon which this nation was formed.

"The Malaysia Agreement of 1963 and the consequential Federal Constitution contain the wishes of the people of Sabah expressed through various forum including the Twenty Points.

Study on TYT's b-day

A study will be conducted to see if it is necessary to shift Head of State's official birthday to another date now that September 16 has been recognised as Malaysia Day and a national holiday.

"We have expressed our appreciation to the Prime Minister's announcement. The Cabinet will have to study this matter before making any changes," said Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman when asked for comment.

IDS: Shifting TYT’s Bday is a wise move

According to Institute Development Studies (IDS) Sabah Chairman, Datuk Clarence Bongkos Malakun, “shifting the present Head of State's official birthday to another date, now that September 16 has been declared as Malaysia Day, will be a wise move.”

"It (now) will not be proper to coincide the Head of State's birthday (because Sept. 16 is being celebrated as Malaysia Day)," he said.

"I support the Chief Minister saying that a study will be conducted whether to set a new date for Sabah to celebrate the Head of State's official birthday," he said Wednesday.

Malakun, who is also President of the National Council of the Justices of the Peace, Malaysia and President of the Council of Justices of the Peace, Sabah, said should the Government decide to set a new date, it should preferably not fall during the fasting month.

He added that credit should also be given to Putatan MP Datuk Dr Marcus Mojigoh as Najib made the announcement while replying to his question in the Dewan Rakyat on Monday.

"The fact that the Prime Minister and the Federal Cabinet now recognise September 16 as Malaysia Day and a public holiday for the whole country is a recognition of the importance of both Sabah and Sarawak within the Federation of Malaysia," he said.

Malakun said that the Prime Minister was indeed living up to his slogan of 1Malaysia.

"All leaders from Sabah and Sarawak, who have voiced support for (greater recognition from the Federal Government) September 16 should be congratulated for their perseverance on the matter," he said.

PBS: Two-in-one Celebration, not necessary for another public holiday

However, shifting the date of the Head of State's official birthday from September 16 to another day is not appropriate although it has been declared as Malaysia Day by the Federal Government, said Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) Chief Information Officer, Datuk Johnny Mositun.

According to Mositun, “Sept. 16 should be a two-in-one celebration - to celebrate Malaysia Day and the Head of State's official birthday.”

KDCA Rebuttal

Meanwhile, Jeoffrey Ekol, KDCA Supreme Council member questioned the rationale for having and celebrating two national public holidays on August 31 and September 16. (BP Wednesday , October 21).

However, the KDCA distanced itself from the statement made its Supreme Council member Jeoffrey Ekol as his statement expressed was totally his own, and nothing to do with the association.

“KDCA wishes to clarify that whatever was expressed pertaining to the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s declaration of both August 31 (Independence Day) and September 16 (Malaysia Day) as national public holidays worthy of national celebrations was completely Jeoffrey Ekol’s personal views and does not reflect the official viewa and stand of the KDCA’s as an association,” Suman Yasambun, KDCA Secretary General said. (DE Friday, October 23.)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

15,000 Bible Copies Seized!

The Herald Malaysia Online reports that the Government of Malaysia through the Ministry of Home Affairs have seized a total of 15,000 copies of the Malay-language Bible, known as Alkitab.

On Sept 11, Gideons International consignment of 5,000 Indonesia Testaments (Vest) and 5,000 Indonesia/English Bilingual Testaments that Alpha Publisher sent from Jakarta to Kuching were detained by the Malaysian Home Affairs Ministry (Publication).

While in March this year, 5,100 Bibles in Bahasa Indonesia ordered by the Bible Society of Malaysia were also detained by the same ministry.

We would like to see what Christian leaders in Sabah namely Datuk Seri Joseph Pairin Kitingan and Tan Sri Bernard Dompok have to say about this. It seems that many Christians leaders nowadays fear their political masters more than they fear God!


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Friday, October 23, 2009

Weekdays in BUNDULIWAN dialect.

I happen to stumble upon photos depicting weekdays in English, Bahasa and Kadazandusun (Bunduliwan) language posted in this blog ‘anakjagung’, and I remember a friend of mine, who, in conversation with his grandson studying the BUNDULIWAN dialect being taught in school, was puzzled with his grandson’s answers.

As a responsible grandfather who wanted his grandchildren to speak in Kadazan language proper, his own mother tongue, had the following conversation in Kadazan with his eldest grandson. To his consternation and amazement, he was puzzled and perplexed with what his grandson had learnt in school.

The conversation goes like this:

Grandfather: Oonu oh mangan nu do suvab?

Grandson: Suvab nopo nga Tontolu, om mugad zou sikul.

Grandfather: Oonu kanu dii? Tontolu? ‘Tontolu’ nopo mati nga boos do Dusun ih kikomozon do ‘Tontohu’ id boos do Kadazan.

Grandson: Okon, ‘Tontolu’ nopo nga tadau Koiso, … ‘Isnin’ ka do id Bahasa.

Grandfather: Odoi dogo! Isai oh minongi’ah diau diti? Kohohoingo' ku diti, au zou insan nokoko'ongou do ‘Tontolu’ nopo nga Tadau Koiso!

Grandson: Iziau nopo diti Apah, au ko iziau koiho do boos the Bunduliwan. Iti no oh po’ia’on dagai doid sikul.

Grandfather: Nondia, pokitono zou do buuk dino.

The grandson then produced the book Standard 5 and showed it to his Grandpa. Indeed, the book tells the following:

English Bahasa Bunduliwan

Monday Isnin Tontolu

Tuesday Selasa Mirod

Wednesday Rabu Madsa

Thursday Khamis Tadtaru

Friday Jumaat Kurudu

Saturday Sabtu Kukuak

Sunday Ahad Tiwang

Admittedly, language is a ‘living thing’, but we cannot simply start inventing or re-inventing words that have no relevance to the subject matter. Those invented or borrowed words such as the above, give different meaning in the real sense of the subject words altogether, e.g., the names of weekdays.

‘Tontolu’ or ‘Tontohu’ means ‘egg’; ‘Mirod’ or ‘Mi’od’ means making a slight movement to ease one’s body. These words have no relevance to Mondays and Tuesdays respectively. And so are the rest of the words depicting Wednesdays to Sundays.

I find it absurd to use those words to describe weekdays in my everyday conversation.

I have therefore tried to find out how those words to describe weekdays came about. I was told that those words were taken from the 7-day life cycle of a butterfly. This is not the correct way of inventing words to describe weekdays. Make it simple like the following:

Tadaukoiso (Monday); Tadaukoduvo or Tadaukoduwo (Tuesday); Tadaukotohu or Tadaukotolu (Wednesday); Tadaukaapat (Thursday); Tadaukohimo or Tadaukolimo (Friday); Tadaukoonom (Saturday); and Tadaukotuu or Tadaukoturu (Sunday).

The above words to describe weekdays are currently used by Daily Express in ‘Pangaan KadazanDusun’ and RTM (Kadazan Section). Why can’t we teach our children the correct way? They are perfectly relevant to our everyday usage in Kadazan or Bunduliwan!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

SAPP urges Youths to support petition over QEH tower block

QE Hospital Tower Block declared unsafe in last November

Kota Kinabalu: (DE) Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) Youth Tuesday called on youths in Sabah to support its petition to get the Government to take immediate action to re-construct the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) tower block.

Its Secretary, Pang Thien Fook, said this was crucial as the issue affected everyone especially when those in need of medical treatment.

"It (the QEH issue) affects everyone, including you and me and our family members, except that we do not know when.

"While we pray that everyone is healthy and free from untoward incidents, there is still no guarantee," he said, in a statement here.

The QEH tower block was declared unsafe last November.

"Ever since then, patients in Sabah had been and are still being sent to the various district hospitals besides Sabah Medical Centre (SMC) for treatment. This had inevitably caused great inconvenience and stress to patients, their families as well as doctors and the medical staff," Pang said.

The low morale of the medical team also dealt a severe blow to the standard and quality of medical service rendered to patients in Sabah, he added.

Although the Government had formalised the purchase of SMC last month, it unfortunately is still inadequate and ineffective in resolving the pressing issue, he noted.

"This is especially true due to the fact that it will take quite some time before SMC is fully handed over to the Ministry of Health," he said, adding the expansion works would also prolong the process.

"Hence, SAPP on Aug 29 launched a signature campaign demanding the Government to take immediate and concrete action to resolve the chaotic and distressing medical service affecting the people of Sabah," Pang said.

"By supporting this petition, the youths are not only doing a noble deed to the community which they live in but more significantly demonstrating their filial-piety for their parents and love for their loved ones."

As part of their efforts in supporting the petition, SAPP Youth is currently going around the State capital distributing bookmarks to youths to better attract attention and support for the issue, he added.

"This Nov 5 will mark the 365th day the city is without a general hospital (and) this is not only disappointing and unacceptable but also an insult to the '1Malaysia. People First, Performance Now' motto," Pang pointed out.

He said the SAPP planned to submit the petition to the Prime Minister who is expected to visit Sabah on Nov 8.

Those who wish to support the petition could log on to SAPP's website or go to any of its offices.

Meanwhile, Melanie, Luyang Assembly women, noted that 5 November will also mark the 365th days Kota Kinabalu city is without a general hospital and the one and only referral hospital for the State.

She noted that SAPP had on 29 August 2009 launched a signature campaign demanding for the Government to take immediate and concrete action to resolve the chaotic and distressing medical service affecting the people of Sabah, after the QEH tower block was declared unsafe by the relevant authority in last November.


The QEH tower block was declared unsafe since last November. It is already coming to a year now and yet there is still no sign of construction of a new Hospital Building. This has caused a lot of inconvenience and stress to patients, their families as well as doctors and the medical staff.

"Ever since then, patients in Sabah had been and are still being sent to the various district hospitals besides Sabah Medical Centre (SMC) for treatment. This had inevitably caused great inconvenience and stress to patients, their families as well as doctors and the medical staff," Pang Thien Fook said.

SAPP Youths should not only urge the youths to support petition over QEH tower block but also encourage the general public to do likewise. All of us are affected and we, including our political leaders, should support the petition to get the Federal Government to take immediate action to re-construct the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) tower block without further delay, otherwise the 1Malaysia Concept looses its luster.