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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Welcome Anglicans!

Dear Mr. Disimon,

The big news today (predicted in Phil Lawler's blog yesterday) is the Vatican's announcement that it will accept into the Church Anglican congregations who wish to reunite with Rome. The relevant provisions will be set forth in a new Apostolic Constitution, responding to the many requests from Anglican congregations throughout the world.

This will provide for Anglican congregations to retain many distinctively Anglican traditions, and to be governed by a new ordinariate consisting, for the most part, of former Anglican bishops and priests who have entered the Church.

Phil Lawler explains everything in his In Depth Analysis, The Pope's bold invitation to Anglicans.

The return to Rome of an extraordinarily large number of Anglicans will enrich the Church in many ways, not least by providing fine vernacular texts composed in a time of deeper religious sensibilities. Most important, of course, is the incorporation of all that is worthy in Anglicanism into the true worship offered to the Father by Christ, head and members.

To understand what I mean, see my latest blog reflection, Putting the Liturgy in Perspective.

In other good news, Phil Lawler believes he sees a trend toward militant orthodoxy in the very highest curial appointments. See Making people squirm in On the News.

But there is some strange news as well, especially the standing ovation given to a Wisconsin priest when he told his congregation of his suspension from the priesthood. See Applauding a failed priest in On the Culture.

Meanwhile, a significant initiative of our own grows stronger by the day. If you haven't yet looked in on Peter Mirus' On Business blog, you'll find practical food for thought in two recent items which should be useful to just about everybody: Personality Types and the "God Experience"and This one is for the sufferers.

Many examples of solidarity today!

Jeff Mirus


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