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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sabah a Muslim Majority State?

At the time of independence in 1963 the Muslim population of Sabah was at 37%. Recent official statistics by the government of Malaysia puts Sabah's Muslim population at 63.7% .

In the early 1970s during the outbreak of the Moro rebellion in the southern Phillippines, thousands of Muslim refugees came to Sabah and settled in refugee camps. Many of them later acquired Malaysian citizenships illegally. In the early 1980s, when Datuk Harris Salleh was the Chief Minister of Sabah, tens of thousands Indonesians and Filipinos (most of them Muslims) acquired Malaysian citizenship illegally as detailed in the books by Joshua Kong (EPIC of Sabah) and M.D Mutalib (IC Palsu & Lelaki Malaysia Terakhir).

Apart from this we must also not forget the large number of West Malaysian civil servants who work and live in Sabah, most of whom are Muslims. Population surveys usually includes the legalized illegals, the illegals and West Malaysians as well.

No wonder then, the Muslim percentage in Sabah is so high. One would not really care if the number of Muslims increase in Sabah from among real Sabahans. But too have so many illegal citizens and West Malaysians in the state, and then claiming Sabah to be a Muslim-majority state is very unfair.
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  1. When Sabah got her independence through the Federation of Malaysia in 16/09/1963, the native Kadazan, Dusun and Murut is the majority by race and religion.

    But things changed when Singapore ejected from the Federation of Malaysia in 1965 and the first CM the then Donald Stephens resigned in 1966 succeded by a Chinese CM and eventually Ex Yang di Pertuan Negara Tun Mustapha become CM by Federal backing.

    Tun Mustapha himself realised that the muslim bumiputra at that time was minority so when Tun Mustapha was dreaming to become the Sultan of North Borneo, his first plan and strategy was to organized mass Islamization conversion via MUIS that happened in early 1970s until 1975.

    Then the Federal Govt found out that Tun's agenda was to secede from Malaysia to become Sultan of Sabah so they recalled Donald Stephens or Tun Fuad to form Berjaya, unfortunately Tun Fuad died in the controversy air-crashed in 6/6/76 and Datuk Harris Salleh succeded him.

    Its a promising in the beginning where the multi-racial concept party rules Sabah with lot of developments but in the end Datuk Harris continued Tun Mustapha's legacy of Islamization but as a result Datuk Harris was toppled by Christian CM Datuk Pairin in 1985.

    The strategy this time was different, PBS was called anti-federal so since the Federal control the Security and Immigration they opened the main holes for the muslim brothers and sisters from her neighbour countries to enter Sabah illegally in 1980s. In spite of PBS was the State Govt of the day she was toothless about this issues.

    Then in early 1990s, some Sabahan Muslim leaders operated the Project ICs to give "bunga raya ICs" to the newly citizens and before the Sabah General Election in 1994, there was dealienation of constituency infavour of Muslim areas.

    So thats the trojan horse they created to dilute the then Christian native majority. Although PBS won a slim majority the State GE in 1994, the damage was already done and the BN Sabahan headed by Muslim leaders backed by Federal Govt had succeded and took over the Govt and rule Sabah until now year 2009.

    Finally, the moral of the story is a Sabahan with his dream to become a Sultan had succeded to changed the landscape of Sabah where a majority Christian natives has become a minority citizen in Sabah and eventually our state Sabah end up to be colonized again but this time not by Whiteman.

  2. "eventually our state Sabah end up to be colonized again but this time not by Whiteman"

    *sigh*... my thoughts exactly. But such is the greed of man.

  3. why not we go back... way back. why malaya insist sabah/sarawak to join malaysia? at that time in peninsular(malaya+singapore) malay and chinese were almost equal in population. so they invite us to boost the bumiputra numbers. sorry to say but they 'used' us.

    back to sabah, it's an open secret that this is a carefully planned strategy to boost population of a certain race. but if they are not careful, philipine will quietly try to take sabah. Diosdado Macapagal tried it once, i can see the daughter will try it to. funny thing is the philipine is a christian majority country.