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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pornography and Dating

Anthony Buono, Married to Bridget since 1994, with (7) children. Living in Front Royal, VA. Founder of Ave Maria Singles and Road To Cana, he has been working with single Catholics and in the field of Catholic dating, marriage, and marriage preparation since 1992. Received a Catechetical Diploma from Catholic Distance University in 1993, with concentrated study in Marriage and Family.
It's no secret that Catholics (primarily men) are struggling just as much as others in the world with a continuing problem with pornography. 
For single Catholics, there is a growing concern about how this plays a role in dating and readiness for marriage. Should someone be dating when they know they have a problem with pornography? Should a courtship end upon discovering the person you are seriously dating has a problem with pornography? 
These are good and important questions for those with the vocation to marriage to answer.

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