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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Meet challenges with faith

TOM, a young 27-year-old sales executive faced problems when he could not meet his sales target. Initially, there were stray remarks from the bosses.

Gradually, he felt totally ignored at work. His suggestions were not taken seriously and he was not informed of policy decisions.

The problem intensified with each passing day. His job was at stake and he felt that he could do little to save it. He could not deliver the goods.

He became depressed and this affected his performance even more. Finally, he was told to resign. He managed to find a new job. His pay was less, yet he was happy.

In another case, Joan, a 26-year-old executive working in a multi-national company, was stressed due to time-constrain and peer pressure. The volume of work at the office was such that she had to work late hours.

Though she felt physically strained, she did not mind the work as she was appreciated at the office.

Her colleagues were cooperative and she adjusted well to the work environment. In her case she was fortunate.

It shows that one’s personality is an important factor. A pleasant, cheerful and calm disposition can make a lot of difference.

Cheerfulness and sweetness bring beauty and fragrance to our lives. A person with a pleasant and cheerful nature can influence many.

Just as bees come and perch as soon as flowers blossom, so too, people are attracted to a sweet and cheerful person.

The secret of happiness is meeting the challenge of each new day with calm faith.

Thought for reflection: Those who know how to navigate can get out of any tricky situation.

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