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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bad Teacher


Bad teacher
Posted by: disappointed

A lady teacher insulted a fat 9 year old girl with statements that could only come from a devil, such as:

1) You are so fat, look at your elephant legs (she was wearing short for her PE class)

2) She calls her name, NASTY names.

3) She took delight in "scolding" this girl through her marking authority.

To illustrate further: This girl had determined to work even harder to prove to this teacher that she can be a good student albeit her physical appearance and history of bad results. She spent hours writing her Moral essay (yes this devil taught Moral as well as other subjects). On the title, this girl spent time to "decorate" with her art work (e.g. drawing flowers and leaves). The teacher, using her broad red pen, circled the title a few times (with tense noticeable), and commented in Malay:

"Apa ini? Ini menunjukkan awak nie pemalas!!!"

The teacher did not read her essay.

4) The teacher always find opportunity to hit this "fat" girl with the BIG ruler. For e.g for not bringing thread for the art class. Her back was bruised, but she kept quiet.

5) This devil came to her worst when she told the whole class, REPEATEDLY, that this girl WILL become a prostitute and that her mom is a prostitute (her mom OWNS a karaoke, one of the family's businesses). She said it in both Chinese and Malay.

This poor girl did not know what to do, and was afraid to tell her parents. Everytime she attends her class, she will be humiliated. She couldn't take this anymore and told her mother one day (just about the "prostitute" defamation). Her mother went to the school and talked to the principal. The principal called the little girl into the principal room for an interview , he asked her,

"Are you naughty in class?"

The infuriated mom, interrupted the principal by saying,

"Do you think it is appropriate for a teacher to behave in such a way to a 'naughty-girl'?"

The story ended by an assurance from the principal, saying that it won't happen again.

The teacher tried every possible way to find the student's fault and punish her thereon. She even said in the class, to everyone,

"Jangan ingat saya takut, saya tak takut pada sesiapa pun. Ini bukan ditujukan pada sesiapa, jangan pulak perasan."

This is a real story happened in one of the government schools in Malaysia. The little girl had grown up to be a beautiful young lady, been paid for modelling jobs, and excel to one of the highest ranking in the society today. If she isn't strong enough, she could have end up "rottenly."


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