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Friday, April 3, 2009

Addiction to pornography leads to broken marriages, expert warns.

Mexico City, Mexico, Apr 1, 2009 / 01:36 pm (CNA)- The president of the organization Morality in Media, Robert Peters, warned this week that at least 10% of the world's population is addicted to pornography and that this vice is the cause of many failed marriages.

During the International Life and Family Congress at the Autonomous University of Baja California, Peters said that in most cases it is men who are addicted to pornography.

During his speech entitled, “The effects of pornography on our children,” he noted that one of the problems pornography poses to marriages is that the one with the addiction begins to lose interest in his or her spouse and wants to recreate the acts depicted in pornography.

He also pointed out that having pornography in the home exposes children to falling into the vice, and that the internet has allowed children to have increasing access to this kind of material. Porn has become one of the main educators of young people, he warned.

Laws must be strengthened to protect minors from pornography, Peters said, and religion is one of the more effective means for combating the addiction, in addition to professional help.

Source: CNA 

Linundus Comments: This is a reminder to all of us as parents, not only as a strong reminder to us from keeping out from the pitfalls and proximity of sin,  but also to monitor our children closely whenever they are hooked onto their computers. They surf to find necessary information in order to assist them in their studies. But sometimes they are tempted to login on pornography websites that are in abundance. If left unchecked, they might get addicted to visiting those websites and may eventually stray away from their study websites.

One can tell their behaviour when they are hooked on to the "forbidden" websites when they quickly change to another informative sites whenever you approach to their study or computer tables.

This matter is one of those important subjects that the Mass Celebrants have been driving home in their Sunday homilies - at least at Stella Maris Church that I know of.

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