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Friday, April 10, 2009

Restoration of caning in School?

The government made the decision to revive caning last month and it will issue specific guidelines on how to implement the punishment, deputy education minister Wee Ka Siong told AFP.

In 2006, the government said it was planning to ban public caning in schools, where the punishment is administered on the buttocks or the palm of the hand.

The education ministry also said a year later that it was considering allowing schools to cane unruly girls to curb an upsurge in discipline problems including gang fights and bullying.

The new Minister of Education should reconsider this proposal. - Linundus

An Educated Parent commented: What is wrong with our education system? We have this child abuse law yet canning has been restored recently by our education ministry.  Aren't we moving backwards instead of forward? This canning is tantamount to encouraging child abuse which is contrary to the Child Abuse Act. Who gives the right for teachers to cane our children? I remember my son was beaten by a teacher of an unsound mind resulting in me approaching the headmaster for a proper explanation and he apologising to me saying the teacher had some sort of mental problem. So if caning is allowed, what will happen to teachers abusing children? Children would want to avoid school for fear of being beaten for minor mistakes. I hope our education minister would seek parents' consensus before implementing any form of punishment. I am a highly-educated parent and am against any form of child abuse. I for one will definitely seek legal action against any teacher who canes my child unless my child has committed serious offences such as fighting in school, drug abuse, etc. I hope this letter will open the eyes of our education ministry so as not to implement any form of punishment without parents' consent.

I have witnessed the caning of a student and it was a traumatic experience.- Linundus

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  1. Caning is a very unpleasant experience.

    That is why it works.