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Monday, April 27, 2009

Georgetown students react to White House request to cover Jesus’ name

WASHINGTON: Georgetown University’s decision to comply with a White House request to cover up the IHS monogram representing Jesus’ name at President Obama’s speech on Apr 15 is drawing fire from the Cardinal Newman Society and Georgetown students, who are charging the university with “sacrificing” its “Catholic and Jesuit identity.”  
Reports surfaced from attendees at President Obama’s speech on the economy that the White House asked Georgetown University to cover up several emblems, including an HIS monogram above the president’s head during his speech at the Jesuit university. Although President Obama focused his speech on his administration’s plans to spur economic growth, some in attendance noticed that the HIS monogram — an early third century abbreviation for the name of Jesus-was covered up for the speech. 
The Icon behind Obama is usually shown in the "Journey Home" series in EWTN. By the grace of God, may Obama makes his "Journey Home" soonest. -Linundus.

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