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Monday, April 20, 2009

Joan celebrated her Sweet Sixteen Birthday

Last night (18th April 2009), Joan Erick Jominol celebrated her 16th birthday at her parent’s house at Kg. Babah, Bunduon, Penampang.  Actually, her birthday fell a day earlier but the family decided to celebrate it a day after, purely for the convenience of her school friends and family relatives.
Joan seated at extreme right (in white) with her friends before the function started.
Joan (pronounced as Jo’an) is the 3rd sibling of 4 of Erick Joseph Jominol and Theresa Manjaji. She is a Form 4 student at St. Michael’s School, Penampang.
Birthday song was sung by her friends before Joan blew the 16 candles.
The party was largely attended by friends of her age who wasted no time to let their hairs down hardly after the 16 candles were blown off by the birthday girl. Draught beer was lavishly served to the guests whilst her teenage guests were sparingly served with wine albeit under the strict parental supervision.
Joan seems to be saying ... why only 15 candles?
The party was accompanied with a mobile karaoke entertainment with the elder sister and cousins who took turns as DJs for the night. The girls danced among themselves to the tune of rock music, while the boys took turns to show their skills in rap-dancing.
Joan and friends toasting with wine.
Joan with her parents and grand parents.
From R-L: Joseph Jominol (Grand Father), Theresa Manjaji (Mum), Joan (Birthday Girl), Erick Jominol (Dad), and Mary Magdalene Lotijin (Grand Mother).
16th Birthday Celebration is considered to be an unforgettable experience for teenagers. Joan is no exception especially when she was able to celebrate her birthday at this time of the year. She has the Lent period to thank for, which was over much earlier this year than in previous years.
The family guests enjoying their draught beer. No 'Talak' for me.
For the album while the guests are queuing up for dinner at the background.

The party lasted well past midnight with occasional firecrackers let off to break the monotony of the music and dance – much to the delight of the youngsters but nuisance to those accompanying parents and guests who were enjoying the ‘Aramai Tii”. 

Correction: The name is Joanne and not Joan as reported above. Apology to the birthday girl, JoanneLinundus.


  1. Thank you Taki for posting about Joanne's Sweet 16 party. I'll let her know about it.


  2. Hello Taki.
    Thank you for posting about my Sweet 16 Birthday Party .
    And thank you for attending !

    God Bless !

    Lots of Love,