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Friday, February 13, 2009

KadazanDusuns are indeed Natives of Sabah

The article posted by Joe Fernandez on Dec. 27 2008 in Malaysiakini news column captioned KadazanDusuns not 'natives' of Sabah” is construed as misleading and is confusing to the readers.

The term “Kadazandusuns” and “KadazanDusuns” are two different terms as differentiated by the usage of the small vowel ‘d’ and capital D, the latter being two indigenous tribes of Kadazan” and “Dusun” merged together, while the former is a coined word - a term expediently assigned to unify the two indigenous tribes for whatever reasons – that does not denote a race. 

Datuk Clarence Bongkos Malakun (KSS Trustee Chairman) has correctly pointed out when he said: “The term ‘Kadazandusun’ is not an indigenous ethnic race per se in Sabah.”  “We should either be Kadazan or Dusun depending on one’s own preference. We should respect those who wish to be known as Dusun just as we expect others to respect our preference to be known as Kadazan”.

KSS President Datuk Marcel Leiking also rightly said at the KSS Christmas and New Year Dinner function in Kota Kinabalu on 23rdDecember 2008 that: “There are Kadazans in Sabah and there are Dusuns. If you are comfortable with Kadazan or Dusun, so be it. But not Kadazandusun which is not an ethnic indigenous term (recognised) in Sabah.”

According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, “the term  Kadazan-Dusun’ (also written as KadazanDusun) is the term assigned to the unification of the classification of two indigenous tribes in Sabah, Malaysia—the ethnic groups of Kadazan and Dusun.” The Kadazan Society Sabah (KSS), however, maintains its stance that the term “Kadazandusun” is NOT an ethnic indigenous tribe to describe a race nor it is a native found in Sabah.

It is therefore mischievous and naughty of Joe Fernandez to caption his article: KadazanDusuns not 'natives' of Sabah” as this phrase is misleading and confusing your readers as well as insulting the intelligence of the indigenous tribes of Sabah! The Kadazans and Dusuns or “KadazanDusuns” in short are undeniably the indigenous tribes or natives of Sabah!

The above article was published by Malaysiakini on 24th February 2009.


  1. hehehe...well done gundohing sylvester...its a good start to promote closer relationship and greater understanding&unity among the kadazan race

  2. Gundohing.

    Welcome to the Blogging World.

  3. Kopivosian Gundohing. You hit the nail spot on! I guess there are some personalities (espcially Daily Express) who wishes to indulge on the debate on 'Kadazabdusun' simply to justify the mistakes made by their political masters! ... carry on the great job on correcting this predicament which these bunch of politicians have done. Look at the great article written by Nilla James in Daily Express dated 15.2.2009...she is a sino-dusun and she is proud to be a 'Dusun' and agree with your contention that there is no such race as 'Kadazandusun'!!!! Kotohuadan....

  4. Gun SJD,
    Congratulations! We need more articles like yours for the benefit of our people and future generations to come.

  5. Maman SJD

    Well done on this blog site. Now the whole world can comment and give opinions on the predicament of KADAZANs...

    nunu kangku gia dii "MOOMOGOT KONO KO' EZIAU"

    Walter Juming

  6. Gundohing,
    I agree fully with your writings. I have always been consistent in my opinion that there is no such thing as Kadazandusun or Kadazandusunmurut (KDMs - this is also irritating),as some may put it. My dusun friends may wonder why it is not Dusunkadazan, or, my Murut friends may also wonder why it is not Murutkadazandusun.With all due respect and no offence meant to any parties, let us just be either, Kadazan, Dusun or Murut.Just a suggestion, why not link this blog to other widely read blogs or news link, like newskini to get a larger readership. Kopivosian om kotohuadan!