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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


A Letter I received through my mail box posted by DJJG (edited for publication) and reproduced hereunder for public information. - LINUNDUS
"Dear Friends,

Last night at about 10.30 pm, 11th June 2009, my sister stopped at our friend's house in Indah Permai to collect mail at the gate. Just as she got out of the car to walk to the mail box at the gate, a kancil pulled up in the opposite direction & stopped next to her. A man walked out and got into my car. He locked the door and said something to a friend of ours who was waiting in the passenger seat. She did not understand as he spoke chinese (she's a bumi).

Before she could say anything, he waved a parang at her, trying to hit her but she managed to push his hand away. At the same time, she was frantically tugging to open the car door. When my sister turned around, the man was reversing the car out of the driveway entrance and saw our friend hit by the door as she jumped out, and fell. The man sped off with my car, and so did his accomplice in the kancil. The area was well lit, fully populated and neighbours were still awake. The commotion and screams brought the neigbours out, including a policeman who stayed opposite and helped to contact the Polis Ronda.

We are thankful that our friend managed to jump out of the car albeit being hurt and bruised. Everything was over in under 3 minutes. After that, its all the police reports, statements, etc, etc. When I woke up this morning, many questions came to mind - were they tailing my car? No, I didn't notice any car behind. What were these guys doing then? Going around housing estates waiting to break in? To pounce on people? or to rob cars? What if our friend did not manage to get out? If there were children in the car? or it had happened to a whole family who reached home and the driver got out to open the gates? (which is so common here). I shudder... thinking of the possible consequences. Then I thought about what were in my car that he drove off with ... my office keys, house keys, handphones... and got worried. The car manual contains my address! Will he come to the house or office? One incident yet so many possible consequences.

How do we avoid a situation like this? Lock the car when you get down? (If so) ... he might attack you.

Get everyone out of the car when you reach your gate? Maybe better, he can just take the car... if that's what he wants! I became a Paranoid!! Never thought it could happen here in KK? Well ... it just happened to someone you know! Please take precaution; be aware of the environment before getting out of your car... be very very careful. Inform your loved ones. And of course, as of now, there's no news of my car, a green 2.4 Camry. Its probably with a different plate number by now, or colour, or even stripped! Our state of security has gone to the dogs... rgds Patricia"

LINUNDUS says ...

I am just wondering what the Policeman could do when the whole incident unfolded before his eyes. I am sure Patricia must have given the car plate number to him who in turn called the Polis Ronda.

He might have done the right thing by calling the Polis Ronda, but what can the latter do? They can only try their best to locate the robbers and, by hook or by crook, they might be able to catch the robbers by chance only ... if the robbers ever cross their paths!!

If only they can put up road blocks immediately, they might be able to catch the culprits; but they cannot do so because approval is needed from higher authority to set up the road block ... even in times of emergency, and even if the Polis Ronda receive calls from another policemen, as in the case above. You and I can imagine how the Police Ronda would react if they only receive calls from members of the public.

This is one of those set backs or red tapes that our Police officers are experiencing in carrying out their duties efficiently in times of emergencies. I agree with Patricia that ... "Our state of security has gone to the dogs..." unless the present procedures are streamlined to improve the effeciency of the Police force.

I stand to be corrected if this is the present police procedures in setting up the road blocks. Moreover, the presence of, at least, a Police Inspector is required to man the road block.

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