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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Embryonic Research: The Power of Words

Dear Mr. Disimon,

Following President Obama's new policies on stem cells, announced March 9th, the question of embryonic research has again moved to the fore. Yet the obfuscation of this issue by politicians and journalists over the past three months has been nothing short of mind-boggling. I devote my weekly column to this darkening of the mind: On the Misappropriation of Words. A related misuse of words is covered in my recent blog entry: A Note on Terrorism and the Pro-Life Movement. Because embryonic stem cell research must be faced again, I'll deviate here from my usual policy of highlighting only new additions to our resources in order to give you a convenient list of the rich offerings already has available. Here is a whole series of pertinent ecclesiastical statements over the past ten years:

Of course, not every aspect of the problem is covered in the episcopal statements. Here are some other highlights: This may be overkill, but it's both an important topic and a good opportunity to remind you of the power of the search engine at Jeff Mirus President Trinity Communications

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