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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another two students held over assault

SMK Limbanak

Penampang: Police detained two more students in connection with the assault of 14-year-old SMK Limbanak student on Monday, according to District Police Chief DSP Madang Usat.

The boys, both Form 3 students, were picked up following a tip-off on Wednesday.

Four secondary school students were detained in connection with the case the previous day.

Tsang Chee Vui was walking to school when six students, in school uniform, went through his bag and wallet, and after taking his money, allegedly beat him up.

Three schoolgirls found Tsang unconscious behind a shop and immediately called for help.

Tsang Chee Vui
It was earlier reported in a local newspaper that a 14-year-old student claimed he was beaten up by six senior schoolmates on the way to school in Penampang near here, on Monday.

SMK Limbanak student, Tsang Chee Vui was walking to school when the six students, who were in school uniform, confronted him at about 10.30am.

The Canteen outside the perimeter of the school compound.

The six boys were earlier lingering at a shop situated just opposite the school. Tsang claimed five of the boys comprised Form Three students while the other a Form Five lad.

Tsang said the boys demanded money from him and he told them he had RM5 although he had RM10.

The boys subsequently dragged him behind the shop where they went through his bag and wallet.

After they took his money, the boys allegedly assaulted him before leaving him there.


Parents may not know that their children might be playing truant after they (parents) or school buses have dropped them at the school. Their favourite place of 'lepaking' during school hours is inside the canteen where chairs and a settee are provided by the canteen operator. I have inspected the place myself this afternoon and the place is indeed conducive for 'lepaking'.

The school authorities should look into this matter seriously and keep a close watch over this 'lepaking' place during school hours in order to discourage truancy as well as to stop the incidence of extortion, or other mischievous acts by them.

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