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Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Rude Culture Shock

(This article is contributed by Linundus Follower by e-mail)
"Abu Dhabi within the UAE is an Islamic country, yes? Abu Dhabi is at the seat of influence among members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), yes?
I had a rude culture shock this morning when I turned up for breakfast at the Beach Rotana Hotel. The first food counter I walked past was labelled P O R K. It was situated alongside other food counters serving an array of international and regional guests.
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A culture shock because, even back home, the most liberally progressive and the most modern of Kuala Lumpur hotels don't do what Abu Dhabi hotels are doing. (My local friends told me Le Meridien Riyadh is no different in handling pork station at its F&B outlets. Open and non-discriminatory, just prominent labelling). Suddenly, just like the zen experience of catharsis (Κάθαρσις) and satori (), I realised how much I had been brain-washed all along by political Islam back home. Last night, on board the Etihad flight, I was served 2003 Chiraz red wine with a good selection of French cheese and Swedish crispy biscuits."
DJJM: Thank you for your email, and welcome back home. Linundus.

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