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Thursday, March 26, 2009

PM wants cops to send shivers down spine of criminals

KUALA LUMPUR: Thursday, 26 March 2009. The police must instil fear and send shivers down the spine of criminals who have become more brazen, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. “The police should utilise their capabilities and resources to prove to criminals that they have what it takes to defeat bad hats,” he added.

“Show them and the public that you are a force to be reckoned with. Instil fear in criminals so that you can effectively combat crimes in a professional and responsible manner,’’ the PM said during his speech at the 202nd Police Day celebrations at the police training centre on Jalan Semarak yesterday.

“Criminals must be made to fear the strength and effectiveness of the police. We must show them that we are able to match them, especially now when criminals arm themselves with modern and sophisticated weapons,” he added.

During the parade, PM witnessed the presentation of 25 Mitsubishi Evolution X (Evo10) cars and 426 Honda ST 1300 motorcycles that would be used by the police for fast and effective response at crime scenes.

Meanwhile, IGP Musa, in his speech, vowed that he and his men would serve the nation with full responsibility.


Comments from Linundus: The PM’s message to the Cops, perhaps the last one from him, is very timely. It is time for the Cops to reflect whether they have been performing according to what the PM and their Big Boss have said.

As for now, the public is beginning to lose their confidence in them, perhaps even lost, due to their indifferent attitude when responding to public calls for Police investigation.

I have just met a person this morning who informed me that the Cops are as swift as an arrow to respond if there is a call from the public (normally from the losers) regarding gambling cases in the Kampong . This is a commendable act. But why? Criminal and civil cases such as house breaking, drug pushing, immoral activities, etc, are more important to be attended to and would require urgent and professional attention than the petty gamblers in the Kampong.

The Police Department should not take Linundus comments as insulting to them, but to take it as a constructive feedback from the public for the purpose of improving their policing duty and of taking action responsibly. They should respond to public calls without choice of duties and hesitation.

It is very sad to hear comments from members of the public that they are discouraged to call the Police, let alone to make police reports, should there be any incident that requires police investigation. This is disheartening to note when the Police are supposed to discharge their duties responsibly. This could be the reason why (when) there is a drop in criminal cases (if there is any) because of non-reporting from the public. I may be wrong.

With the PM’s and IGP’s messages, and the latter having vowed that “his men would serve the nation with full responsibility”, we expect the Police Force to improve their performances as expected of them, and to once again regain the public confidence. Linundus.

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