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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Bogus" Catholic Priest in Local TV.

"Letter To 
The Herald March 21 , 2009 Dear Editor, I wish to refer to the Isu@1 programme which was broadcast via the national TV network featuring panel members from one particular religion. As one writer put it, he was humoured by the statement of a panel member, a “former priest” who stated that the second person in the Christian God was “God the Mother”. I fully agree that the facts put forward by the so-called "former priest” were a very shallow knowledge of Christianity. It baffles me to hear how little this “former priest” knew about the Christian faith. This reminds me of a so called former priest and bishop bearing the name “Laden.” This so called “former priest” has posted his anti-Christian articles in the internet and blogs now and again. His postings are at times very sensitive and could be seditious. I think it’s time that we put an end to postings by this sort of “bogus” personality. I have read in his postings where he claimed himself a former “bishop” of Sabah, having been sent by the Catholic Church to study in Rome for his priesthood. At one time he claimed that he was loaded with hundreds of millions of ringgit to convert people and to build churches. He claimed to be of the Suluk race and a convert after many years serving amongst the Christian communities in Sabah. Most Catholics in Sabah know who the priests are. Even we in Sarawak know who the priests in Sabah and Sarawak are. I would suggest that one of the bishops in Sabah clarify this fact and deny the existence of such a “priest”. Maybe a church member can also lodge a police report on the lie this fellow has been disseminating. The TV programme should be the last straw. The authorities should once and for all know this “bogus” person who unceasingly arouses sensitive issues against Christianity. He is not fit even to be an “ustaz” if he happens to be one. We Malaysians of multi-cultural, multiracial and multi-religious background all want to live in peace and harmony in our beloved country Malaysia. Edward Andrew Bintulu, Sarawak"


I agree with Edward Andrew that Authorities concerned should identify this "Bogus" Bishop or "Priest" who claimed himself from Sabah. This was disgustingly aired by our Local TV Station without first verifying the background of the "Priest" in question, especially when broadcasting religious program "with intent to deceive the listners".

The Diocese of Kota Kinabalu should investigate into this matter as the above letter seems to suggest that the "priest" comes from Sabah. - LINUNDUS.

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