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Monday, March 2, 2009

Be wary of and advise your loved ones!

I received the following e-mail from my ardent reader and, I thought, that it would be of interest to those parents whose children are schooling at a Secondary School in Kota Kinabalu (name of the school withheld). I hope that this sharing will prompt the parents to monitor their childrens’ activities in schools; while they do they do the same with their school studies.
I publish the e-mail as follows: 
“I would like to share a traumatic experience which my relative went through yesterday. She was waiting for her friend near St. (name withheld) Secondary school, Kota Kinabalu around noontime. Suddenly a car (kancil) stopped next to her.” 
“One guy came out from the back seat (and) started to force her into the car, while the driver waited inside car. The guy managed to force her into the car and speeded off. Inside the car, she experienced hell. The guy tried to rape her. Fortunately, she was able to kick the guy in the chest which gave her room to escape.” 
“She jumped out from the moving vehicle. Thank God she suffered only bruised in the head and some part of the body. She hid herself in the nearby jungle as the guy was still looking for her.” 
“This is really terrifying. After those guys (had) left, she called her friend (who) later informed her brother.” 
“They went to lodge a report at the nearby police station. She now suffers physically and mentally from such traumatic encounter. Please tell your love (ones) especially women to be very careful. This attempt is very much similar to what (had) happened to the unfortunate UMS student.” 
Incidentally, I happen to learn from a reliable source that some of the girls from the same school are practicing lesbian. The modus operandi is that the students would pretend to go inside the toilets in pairs and, God knows, what they do. 
I came to know about this predicament because I am a member of the CMI Intercessory Ministry and we are praying for those girls involved in Lesbian practice, to stop.
Could this be the reason why those two guys knew about what was and is actually going on in this School that they have the audacity to try their luck to ‘kidnap’ the said school girl with the intention of having consensual sex with her, and failing which they resort to raping the victim? 
The unholy act of lesbian, if indeed true, by the students of that particular school should be investigated and closely monitored by the School Management. The Parents-Teachers Association (PTA) should look into this matter seriously, especially the kidnapping attempt case, otherwise a similar case that had happened to the unfortunate UMS student might recur again. 

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