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Friday, March 20, 2009

Laptop Computer grabbed and stolen by Robbers

When my laptop computer (model Compaq silver-white in colour) was robbed from my daughter while she was surfing with it at my house veranda last Wednesday, 18/03/09 at 2.00pm by two unidentified dark complexion men, I thought that the loss of that computer did not really matter much as I have another laptop computer as my own personal use in my computer room. I was wrong! All the information and documents saved inside the computer which was literally robbed right under the nose of my daughter, were far more important and valuable than the computer itself. 
I had this habit of transferring and saving all my documents and personal information, photographs and other important family documents into that computer which acts as my backup computer.
As I woke up early this morning at 5.00am and was preparing to leave for Dontozidon Church to attend the 6.30am mass service, I suddenly realised that, along with the computer, I have also lost important documents, bank account numbers and their ATM pin numbers, Credit Card numbers and their pins, and more importantly my family photographs, KSS members photographs, home made movies as well as those of personal and family friends' photographs.
I do not mind loosing those information of my bank accounts and my credit cards, but some of the documents and photographs that I had been saving since I was still working with the Government service, might be used for malicious and ill-intent purposes.
Having realized the grave consequences of having lost those documents, especially those photographs with which the computer photo shop program can reproduce beyond anybody's imagination, I had this chill down my spine. 
My family and I, including those people whose photographs saved in the said computer, are subjected to malicious intimidation and defamation in future.
I pray that the person who stole it or got hold of that computer, would delete all the information therein and keep the computer himself for good. But anyone in possession of the said computer and does not delete those documents, photographs and any other information found therein, and in the event that the computer is found in his possession with those documents, photos and other documents undeleted and identifiable as mine, will be used to prosecute against that person. 
Anyone therefore in possession of that computer, please help to delete those documents, or anyone who knows the whereabout of that computer, please call me at 0198600820.

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