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Monday, March 30, 2009

It is either “KadazanDusun”, or “Kadazan” or “Dusun”.

The Kadazan Society Sabah (KSS) has always maintained that there is no such race as Kadazandusun, but "KadazanDusun" is, when combining the two ethnic races of Kadazan and Dusun. Hence, the term “KadazanDusun” to identify the two main races is more appropriate as against “Kadazandusun” which is a misnomer.

Kadazan and Dusun leaders have already expressed their opinions on this issue when Datuk Marcel Leiking, President of KSS, expressed the Society's stance that there is no such race as ‘Kadazandusun’ at the KSS Installation Dinner on 23rd December, 2008.

Datuk Marcel maintains that the term ‘Kadazandusun’ is not an indigenous ethnic race, but “KadazanDusun” (capital K and D) are two ethnic races combined. Therefore, the Kadazans or Dusuns can be identified under the new term ‘KadazanDusun’ if there is a need to coin a new term. 

"The spelling of the word is very important in order to denote the common identification of both ethnic groups under this new term ‘KadazanDusun,’ he added.

However, KSS maintains its stance that those who identify themselves as ‘Kadazan’ or ‘Dusun’, depending on one’s own preference, should also be respected. "This is one’s own personal preference and pride to be identified as such," Marcel added.

When Tun Fuad admitted his mistake (Kinabalu Sunday Times on February 19, 1967) he said, “We are more matured now and see clearly that the name should be left to us to choose, if we prefer to be called Kadazans, that is what we are and if we prefer to be called Dusuns that is what we should be remembering always that whatever name we prefer to go by, we are (one and) the same people.”

"Tun Fuad’s statement has been the hallmark and the guiding principle that KSS has been elucidating in an attempt to dispel the usage of ‘Kadazandusun’ as the uniting factor of Kadazan and Dusun, when such term does not even connote a race," Datuk Marcel added.

Tan Sri Joseph Kurup prefers to be called Dusun although his mother is from Penampang. KSS respects him for identifying himself as Dusun because he is comfortable with it. Kurup is also a Life Member of KSS because he subscribes to its aims and objectives.

Tan Sri Bernard Dompok considers himself as Kadazan and he is also a Life Member of KSS.

Meanwhile, Datuk Seri Panglima Dr. Herman James Luping does not mind to be called Kadazan or Tangaah from Penampang. He is also a Life Member of KSS.

Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan is happy to be called as Dusun because his birth certificate is based on his Dusunic parentage, and he publicly declared himself as “Kadazandusun”, or is it “KadazanDusun”?

Datuk Marcel did not even think of using the Society as his political platform as elucidated by Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan in his interview with DE which appeared on Sunday, March 15, 2009. "This is far from it. KSS constitution is very clear that it is apolitical," Datuk Marcel commented.

"KSS main intention was to correct the misnomer of the term ‘Kadazandusun’, and not to use the Society as “being a political platform (or base) for political aspirants,” Datuk Marcel said.

Marcel further explained, "From the outset when KSS was registered as a Society, and it has always been vocal regarding the wrong usage of the term "Kadazandusun" as a race because it is misleading to the younger generations who do not know the historical background as to why the term was used – in a wrong way!"

Meanwhile, Tan Sri Bernard G. Dompok has rightly said, “The Kadazan Society Sabah is purely non-political.” 

He further explained, “People who are active in politics, which means you are holding positions in political parties, are not allowed to become office bearers. That’s what is stated in their (KSS) constitution unlike KDCA which is open”.

"The statement by Tan Sri Bernard, who is also a Life Member of Kadazan Society Sabah, should therefore dispel the ‘mischievous and naughty’ allusion of Dr. Jeoffrey Kitingan that KSS as “being a political platform (or base) for political aspirants.” - Linundus.

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  1. Gundohing SJD, well done good piece of summary. Is this the conclusion of the debate of the Kadazans and the Dusuns which appears in a local newpapers for the past weeks? I'm wondering what happen to Huguan Siou Datuk Pairin, why no comment from him? I think he is missing in this jig-saw puzzle game.

  2. Bro.bravo and well documented.I hope this will put the issue at peace.U deserved a TREAT for job well done. VP KSS FREDDY EKOL.

  3. Gundohing, FYI this "identity crisis" was already been commented in the Sunday Daily Express dated 25th July 2004 where one writer under the synonymn of Crystal of Penampang said, "Don't let identity destroy our unity" and it was also mentioned about Huguan Siou Datuk Pairin' identity. According to the writer, a book compiled by Datuk Stan Yee has written that Datuk Pairin's birth certificate says that he is Dusun. His father accepted it, although he must have aware that it was name given by the British. However, when the name Kadazan was unanimously endorsed in 1961, they all thought it was a good idea. So like many others Datuk Pairin accepted Kadazan as the official name of the race with which he identify himself. Hence, we should not create unncessary problems for ourselves by squabbling over our ethnic group. What we want is unity, not discord amoung our people. Already we are being threatened by outsiders who come to Sabah in large numbers. Sabah currently has 2.3 million Malaysian citizens and 800,000 non-citizens or foreigners and the Kadazan/Dusun is only 600,000 (source: Daily Express dated 12th March 2009). So let us no fight among ourselves over our identity and destroy our unity in the process. For those who prefer to be known Dusuns, Kadazans, Muruts, Rungus, Lotud etc., Let It Be, as the famous song of The Beatles sang all over the World. Lastly, credit to KSS for highlighting this issue and also to the late Tun Fuad for admitting his mistake of underestimating his Dusuns brothers. My dream now is when will the Kadazans and Dusuns's programme or have a channel in the national TV and Astro become a reality?