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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sylvester Disimon appointed as new Penampang District Chief.

The State Government has appointed Sylvester Disimon as the new District Chief of Penampang, taking over from OKK Christopher Mojungkim who retires by end of this month.

The former General Manager of Housing and Town Development Authority, who retired on 31-05-2003 has been active in non-governmental organization even before he retired from the Government service.

He is the Deputy President of Kadazan Society Sabah (KSS) and Chairman of KSS Penampang District Branch.

He was also the elected Vice President of KDCA from 2001-2004.

Sylvester was also active in the Lions Club International Organization in 1980’s and had served as the President of Penampang Lions Club twice.

Through his outstanding contributions to the Lions Club International, Disimon was awarded the Melvin Jones Award in 1991/1992 which is the highest Lions Club International Award for outstanding services rendered.

His administrative experience with the Government service for 36 years has put him in good stead to take over from his predecessor, OKK Christopher Mojungkim who happens to be his second cousin of the Wong Sim Ting Clan.

Sylvester comes from a long lineage running for three generations as the custodian of Native Customary Law.

His grandfather Mogunting bin Batinjam was a Native Chief in the early 1930’s.

After he resigned as the Native Chief in the early 1950’s due to old age his eldest son, Gabriel Jominol Mogunting succeeded him as the Orang Tua of Kg. Hubah, Penampang.

OT Gabriel Jominol Mogunting resigned as Orang Tua in 1957 and his youngest brother, Datuk Jintol Mogunting was appointed to succeed him.

When Datuk Jintol Mogunting was appointed as Native Chief in 1970, he was succeeded by Martin Mojikul as Ketua Kampong. The passing of KK Martin Mojikul paved the way for the appointment of a new Ketua Kampong.

An election of Ketua Kampong was held in 1974 and Bernard B. Jominol, the second eldest son of OT Gabriel Jominol Mogunting was elected and then was appointed as Ketua Kampung.

KK Bernard B. Jominol is still serving as the Ketua Kampung of Kg. Hubah. Penampang.

In 1976, Datuk Jintol was appointed as the District Chief of Penampang and held this post until his passing on January 24, 2002.

Sylvester’s appointment as the new District Chief of Penampang is seen as the continuation of as the custodian of the Native Customary Law following the foot steps of his uncle, OKK Datuk Jintol Mogunting and his cousin OKK Christopher Mojungkim of the Wong Sim Ting Clan.

Yesterday, the newly appointed District Chief submitted his letter of acceptance to the Penampang District Officer, Encik William Sampil in his office.

Sylvester was accompanied by his KAN Marcus Johnioh, KK Bernard B. Jominol and Vice President of KSS, Encik Freddy Ekol.

Marcus brought Sylvester to the State Native Court office where the new District Chief was introduced to the Ketua-Ketua Anak Negeri, Wakil-Wakil KAN and Ketua-Ketua Kampong from the various Mukims under the Penampang District.

OKK Sylvester Disimon will assume his office as Penampang District Chief from September 2009.

Source: Borneo Post Tuesday, August 11. 2009


  1. congratulation uncle on ur appointment kio!

    God Bless You in everything you do!

    Mary & parents
    Kg. Kodundungan @ Riverside

  2. Congratulation on your appointment as the new District Chief of Penampang.


  3. Congratulations from me Farouq Omaro.

  4. The reporter has inadvertently missed one person from Wong Sim Ting clan who took over from OKK Datuk Jintol Mogunting. His name is Midrus Tindi who resigned as District Chief after 3 years due to health reason. Innocent Makajil was later appointed as the Ag. District Chief who resigned in March 2008. Christopher Mojungkim's appointment as Penampang District Chief was announced during during the campaign period in March 2008.

  5. OKK S.J.D

    Kopivosian om Congrats doid diau...
    "May the wisdom of Solomon will be your guide"


  6. OKK SJD

    Tuhun nopo daa do tokou ngaa minsompuu no daa, om okon ko do miahi ahi do mamagau do kalaja do tuhun.

    Poingkuo di gia ie OKK CM tuu poindikau om magai nopo hasadai di Tobinai Sylvester. I would like to congratulate him for this, but nung minagau iziaha ta ta... au mati kavaza iti. Mamagau nopo mati kovusung tu.. tindandaa no doing kaa.

    Kiva dii nangku oh komplot om controversi do pinakai i ziaha do UMNO do popogiot no daa do kosokodungan do tuhun kumaa toinsanan Huguan Kampung (Ketua Kampung). Nokuo tuu UMNO? Om nopolisa no nangku diozu oh membership diaha do UMNO nung kivaa? Tuu di President do KSS ngaa poinsuang! Nunu di vagu do buaan dotokou tuu kiangkab vagu do umpampai do UNITED MALAYS NATIONAL ORGANIZATION!! tuu tikid mitingan do Congress do UMNO mamangkis izioho do.... HIDUP UMNO..HIDUP UMNO..... HIDUP MELAYU !!!!! Ka, om nombo dii kiva do doung dotokou?

    Baino poindikau gia ie OKK CM om koikot po om, hasadai no.... au matii daa kavasa miaga ditti. Tuu nuununu nopo ngaa kiva no daa oh piuhanan do ginavo.... Miaga no nangku lahan miaga ditti do okito doid tuhun tokou da obuli do pakazon toi ko pombitanan tavasi?

    Iti nopo ngaa iso gaa do Mamalampuk toi ko mamagau... om otumbazaan zou do ito no oh lahan do UMNO do magau mantad tuhun tokou....katapi pakazon nopo do UMNO ngaa tuhun tokou sosondii... miaga di tobinai ditti.

    We are all answerable to God, and if you are deserving this title... God's is ordaining you...because we are His people. If this is done againts His will, than... i believe you are not deserving the wisdom of Solomon as JB has prayed for.


  7. Congratulation my Toing!!!
    Im so happy for you.
    God blessed you.


    Yr Grandaughter,
    Bo Tiza Disimon

  8. To the anonymous writer who wrote in KADAZAN. I have to state that your writing contradicts the very edict of being a Kadazan. Our Kadazan people are magnaminous in nature and by gnome. We are not and are never afraid to enter even into the UMNO lions den to protect the right of every KADAZAN. I think when political parties like BN Components pray on and succumb themselves to UMNO and its leaders in the STATE AND FEDERAL Cabinet each wednesday and on every BN Component congress (where they ask the UMNO Leaders be it PM or DPM) to grace their congress, we should disect the criticism of those in UMNO. While UMNO is Malay by policy, it has opened its doors to all. In fact, what do u say about people like Musa, Anifah, Rubin, John Ambrose, Masidi and many other KDM leaders in UMNO. Are they less of a KDM then those in other components who are subservient to UMNO? I believe, Masidi's children speaks better dusun than some our so called KDM leaders in the component. So Masidi being in UMNO still preserves his race and language. WHat do say about others out of UMNO who prey on the weak KDM and use emotional politics by sidelining the KDM leaders in UMNO as if they are the pariahs of Sabah. Be careful in what you say, arent you proud enough that it is the KDM in Sabah and espcially in UMNO that has kept your BN Leaders component alive and earning their salary. Do not think that you and the rest of the components are holier than anyone in UMNO espcially the KDM in UMNO. Have u ever seen how your KDM component leaders bow their heads to Najib when in private. It is not respect but rather fear!!!! So once again do not ride on your high horse but evaluate the circumstance on which UMNO in Sabah is in today and how KL is now afraid of UMNO Sabah!!! likewise how afraid the components are of UMNO....