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Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Appointment as Penampang District Chief

I refer to the statements made by the Chairman of Penampang Community Leaders Welfare Association (PCLWA), Michael Kubot and incumbent District Chief OKK Christopher Mojungkim which appeared in the Daily Express Saturday, August 15, 2009 and wish to make the following clarifications:-

My application for the post of Penampang District Chief was recommended and signed by ADUN MOYOG (N12) with the blessing of MP Penampang (P117).

It was also verified by the District Officer Penampang that I was applying for the post of Penampang District Chief to replace OKK Christopher Mojungkim who was due for retirement before it was sent to the Ministry of Local Government & Housing (MLG&H) for consideration and approval.

The appointment letter was issued to me on 3rd August 2009.

I accepted the letter of appointment and have handed to D.O. Penampang William Sampil on 10.08.09 witnessed by KAN Marcus Johnioh and few others. (Refer The Borneo Post Report Tuesday, 11th August, 2009).

The terms and conditions of employment for District Chief are among others:-

Ø “Tuan tertakluk kepada Perintah Am Negeri Sabah, Arahan-Arahan Pentadbiran dan Peraturan-Peraturan Kewangan serta Peraturan-Peraturan lain Kerajaan yang dikeluatkan dari masa ke semasa.

Ø “Perkhimatan tuan boleh diberhentikan oleh Kerajaan dengan member sebulan notis pada bila-bila masa tanpa memberi sebab-sebab atau alasan. Jika keadaan memerlukan, perkhimatan tuan mungkin diberhentikan tanpa memberi notis, dan dalam hal demikian tuan akan menerima sebulan elaun.”

It is very clear in the terms and conditions of appointment that a person so appointed as District Chief is subject to Sabah General Orders and other governmental regulations issued from time to time.

The termination of service is for the Government to serve one month notice at anytime without giving reasons. In the event that a person’s service is terminated without notice, a month allowance is payable in lieu of one month notice.

In the case of OKK Christopher, he was served a month notice w.e.f. the date of termination letter dated 23rd July 2009. He admitted receiving it through Penampang District Office on 12th August. Based on this letter his last day of service is therefore on 22-08-09.

Michael Kubot claimed that OKK Christopher “was sacked from his job without any prior notice” and that “there is no provision in the Native Affairs Constitution that stated the District Chief must relinquish his job once he has reached 65”.

As a former government officer, I am certain that Mohd Said Hinayat, in his capacity as the Director of Native Affairs Council, would have surely looked into those terms and conditions of employment before he issued the notice of termination and letter of appointment to OKK Christopher and me respectively.

Sylvester Disimon

District Chief designate


  1. Dear Gundohing Sylvester,

    Congratulations on your new appointment. I am certain that you will act professionally and bring a trite and an unbiased mind when applying our Native Laws.

    As for the unfortunate behaviour of some of our Ketua Kampungs' and present OKK, espcially one, Michael Kubot, who is also rumoured to have been a possible OKK nominee (based on coffee shop talk), I think everyone must ask the pertinent question of demanding OKK Christopher Mojungkim to release to the public his Appointment Letter which he accepted when he was first appointed as OKK of Penampang. If the terms are the same as shown in your posting, then only one can conclude that he is subject to removal at the Government's discretion! So let us ask OKK Christopher to release his letter of appointment to verify if it was for life!


  2. Perhaps its time to make the Native Chief, Native Chief Representative and District Chief posts as non-political. Appointments should not be based on political affiliation. And the terms and conditions should also be changed. People should be appointed from among lawyers, judges and those who are well acquainted with the law. And as for the Natives Affairs Council being headed by a Muslim, I feel it is totally unnecessary. Syariah laws are adequate in that they cover all aspects of Muslim life, why then need the Muslims need to be appointed Director for this council!? It seems that the Muslims want to be director of everything! Well, so much for UMNO! Just see how far John Ambrose can go in UMNO! Just look at MP Ronald Kiandee. Cannot even run for Supreme Council membership.

  3. Congrats..Kounsikaan do nopihi ko do Ketua Daerah Penampang. Otumabazaan zou do kaanu ko do papapanau do kalaja diti tu iziau nga Upisol totuo haid do Agency kopolintaan.
    In every appoinment letter there always be term & conditions not only in the government sector but also in private sectors.Those who have been given the termination letter should abide by it & gracefully leave without making so many excuses. (SUNGKAD TUKAD)