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Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Penampang District Chief to start work Sept 1

By Ripin Mintow

PENAMPANG: Come September 1, Sylvester Disimon will report for duty as the new District Chief here, taking over from retiring OKK Christoper Mojungkim who has appealed for an extension of his service.

Disimon’s application for the OKK post was approved by the Local Government and Housing Minister a letter of appointment was issued and signed by Native Affairs Council director Mohd Said Hinayat.

The 62-year-old received his letter of appointment on Aug 3, and had submitted his acceptance of the post to District Officer William Sampil on Aug 10.

Disimon’s application for the OKK post was recommended by Moyog assemblymen Donald Datuk Peter Mojuntin, with the blessings of the Member of Parliament here, Tan Sri Bernard Dompok.

All appointments of District Chief, Native Chief, WKAN (Native Chief Representative), Kapitan Cina and Ketua Kampung must be recommended by an assemblyman. On the same motion, the assemblyman also has the power to recommend termination of their services.

Disimon’s appointment was met with strong objections from several village heads from here, including Mojungkim whose service was terminated on 23 July through the Penampang District Leaders’ Welfare Association headed by Michael Kubot.

Mojungkim, 66, contended in his appeal letter to Donald that he still has many more years in him to be the OKK.

Donald subsequently met with Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Haji Hajiji Mohd Noor and it was decided that an amicable solution be made as soon as possible.

Several interested parties here also proposed for a ‘cooling period’ between Mojungkim and Disimon.

It was learnt that two days ago, Disimon was called for a meeting with Dompok and Donald. The meeting lasted three hours during which the two leaders advised Disimon not to accept the OKK post and not to report for duty on Sept 1.

However, when Disimon said he would report for duty, Dompok and Donald also proposed for a ‘cooling period’ to pave the way for amicable solution to be made in the interest and dignity of the Native Court here of which the OKK is the chief of the Native Court’s judges.

Disimon asked for the cooling period time frame but it appeared there was none. He informed Dompok and Donald that since he had been issued with the appointment letter and had accepted it, come September 1, he will be sitting on the OKK chair.

There was no conclusion of the meeting after three hours.

Whatever it will be, should Mojungkim’s termination letter and Disimon’s appointment letter be revoked, it will set a precedence for such case to occur in future.

It will reflect badly on the government’s objective to be transparent in all its dealings. It will show bad governance.

A check with the Registrar of Societies (ROS) showed that the Penampang District Leaders’ Welfare Association is not a registered body.

Adapted from The Borneo Post Sunday, August 23, 2009.

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