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Saturday, August 15, 2009

District Chiefs: Body wants fair decisions

Penampang: The State government was on Friday asked to conduct a thorough study on the job termination procedure of District Chiefs by taking into consideration the views and opinions of elected representatives, village chiefs, Native Chiefs (KAN) and Native Chief Representatives (WKAN).

Chairman of Penampang Community Leaders Welfare Association (PCLWA), Michael Kubot said the organization is saddened by the way District Chief OKK Christopher Mojungkim was terminated from his post.

“The question is, was the job termination necessary or unnecessary,” he said at the press conference also attended by Christopher and 27 village chiefs, KANs and WKANs.

He said if the District Chief had failed or erred in his scope of work, then disciplinary action should have been meted out on him.

“But I dare to say here that he (Christopher) has never done anything wrong (during the course of his work),” he said.

He said it is really unfair to the person if he was sacked from his job without any prior notice.

And if age was the reason for the OKK’s “removal” from his position, he said there is no provision in the Native Affairs Constitution that stated the District Chief must relinguish his job once he has reached 65.

Michael said as long as the person is still healthy, he could continue serving the people.

And in Christopher’s case, he said the latter has opted to carry out his duty as long as he is physically and mentally capable.

In his respect, he said the PCLWA wished to state that they do not agree with the appointment of the “incoming District Chief” Sylvester Disimon.

“It could be that the authority does not know about his background … they should have asked the present District Chief or the association for their opinion first.

“Please don’t misunderstand our intention. We support the government but its decision must be fair and just.

Christopher, on the other hand, said he has never met anyone for favours throughout his 31 years serving as a community leader.

His appointment as village chief for 21 years, native chief for eight years and District Chief for one year and five months was all endorsed by the people and elected representative.

He was appointed as village chief of Kampong Tuavon in 1979, an appointment that his late uncle OKK Datuk Jintol Mogunting, who was former Penampang District Chief from 1976 until until 2002, had strongly supported.

He received the job termination letter dated July 23 this year signed by Director of Native Affairs Council, Mohd Said Hinayat on Aug 12.

Adapted from Daily Express Saturday, August 15, 2009.


  1. It is the prerogative of the Assemblyman to recommend for the appointment of a Districts Chief. He has the right to appoint and to recommend termination of service. The OKK post is a political appointment. I think there is a clause in the term and condition of appointment of an OKK which stated that OKK retire mandatory upon reaching 65 years old, unless re-appointed on contract basis.

    I stand to be corrected.

  2. Yes you are correct JB, however, I think the issue here is Christopher is unemployed now and his friends and relatives felt pity of his situation and may take sometime to settle and from this saga, we have learned a few lesson that eventhough it is a political appointment and a blessing from a YB, the YB or DO of Penampang should have announced it earlier so that people will not be confused and the quarelling over the press recently is not necessary.

  3. I believe the quarelling in the press seems to be only from the Christopher Mojungkim side of the fence. I did peruse thru all papers and did not find any comments made by Sylvester Disimon nor any party refuting the allegations made by Christopher and his cohorts. It seems the Kadazans in Penampang are now known for this episode espcially when one just does not understand that a termination is a termination. If Christopher is re appointed and Sylvester's appointment is terminated/revoked then, every OKK in all the District in Sabah must seek consultancy from Christopher and cohorts on how to retain,extend and ensure their continuity as the OKK of their District. The ministry must also learn that they cannot now impose the General Order (Governement) on these OKK. In fact, maybe, the OKK should also stop receiving salary and charge a nominal court fees for every applicant/complainant to the Native Court. In that way, Justice may eventually be dispensed with rightly by those who feel that they are there for life serving Native Justice! It will indeed divert the taxes that we pay to a better place, maybe increase the salaries of our teachers who will teach our school kids the meaning of manners, humility, academia and most of all to read so that when our kids are appointed to any posts in their career, they will note that there is a proviso for termination of services at all times. Or else our kids might just think, their job is for life! Cheers

  4. ...on what basis was Christopher's termination as Penampang's NC is served upon? Political differences...or is senility creeping up on him?

    My tobpinai Daedalus-DL...every well-bred kids of us may not be thinking as you've suggested "that or else our kids might just think that their job is for life." Their mindsets depend o the mode of their up-bringings...

    A right thinking human knows very well that not only jobs...but life itself is only phase that we're going thru in this miragous world!

    King Cup s/o Nche Matahari