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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Appointment is revoked

By Elizabeth Majaham

KOTA KINABALU: DE Sunday, 30th August, 2009

The Local Government and Housing Ministry has revoked the appointment of former Sabah Housing and Town Development Authority (SHTDA) General Manager Sylvester Disimon as Penampang District Chief.

Native Chief Johnny Molijoh confirmed this when contacted by Daily Express Saturday. He said District Officer William Sampil informed him about it when he went to see him on Friday morning.

However, he declined to disclose the reasons. The revocation was delivered to Disimon through the DO in a letter.

Disimon’s appointment was to take effect next month, replacing OKK Christopher Mojungkim.

Christopher had protested strongly against Sylvester's appointment particularly since he only came to know of his pending termination in a local paper which reported Disimon’s appointment.

He did subsequently receive a letter dated July 23, 2009 and signed by Native Affairs Council Director Mohd Said Hinayat informing him that he was to be replaced.

Mojungkim had dismissed the idea of being too old, at 66, to carry out his duties, insisting that he could contribute another 15 years.

Furthermore, there was no provision in the Native Affairs Constitution for age limit, he had argued. He had been a village chief for eight years before assuming the position of District Chief.

Disimon’s appointment had been proposed by the Kadazan Sabah Society (KSS) of which he is the Deputy President. It invoked protests from certain quarters in a contention that the issue was not discussed among BN component parties and not in line with the normal practice of appointment presented via the elected representative of the constituency.

Linundus says ...

Sylvester has received his letter of revocation on his appointment as District Chief Friday 29 August. He respects the decision of the Ministry to impose "cooling period" for now.

Termination letter of Christopher Mojungkim dated 23-07-09 should remain effective which he denied receiving until August 12. Sylvester's letter of appointment was dated 3rd August, 2009.

Mojungkim's denial should be clarified by D.O. Penampang since the revocation letter signed by Native Affairs Council Director Mohd Said Hinayat was submitted through the Penampang District office.

It is mischievous of Daily Express to report that "Disimon’s appointment had been proposed by the Kadazan Sabah Society (KSS) of which he is the Deputy President."

Sylvester's appointment was proposed by ADUN Moyog and, upon agreement by MP Penampang and verified by DO Penampang, Native Affairs Council Director Mohd Said Hinayat then issued the letter of appointment - all in the proper manner.

YB Donald Datuk Mojuntin (ADUN N20 Moyog) should clarify this matter.

"It invoked protests from certain quarters in a contention that the issue was not discussed among BN component parties and not in line with the normal practice of appointment presented via the elected representative of the constituency."

If the above procedure is in practice, may be someone should inquire on the appointment of Johnny Molijoh and Adrian Sikawah as Native Chief whether BN component parties have discussed and their appointments agreed upon.

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  1. SJD, you have been proven right with you gentlemantly act in not replying all the accusation and innuendos in the Papers and on the Kopitiam. Now only time will tell and I am almost certain that the Puppet Master in this case were certain elements witin the Native Court of Penampang. Christopher Mojungkim was only a tool to an end likewise Bernard Dompok, Donald Mojuntin and his band of cohorts when these elcted representative went to show their obvious choice when they did not defend their recommendation of you and when some idiot in PKR accused UMNO of interfering. Probably the PKR Idiot and Christopher Mojungkim and am pretty cetain of Bernard Dompok and Donald Mojuntin was directed by UMNO to play act all these with the sole intention of frustrating your legal appointment and thereby revoking it with the sole intention of putting up either UMNO KAN Johny Molijoh or KAN Adrian Sikawah as the next OKK Penampang. That is one 'pelayang' that John Ambrose manage to screw everyone over. How could the Government continue with Christopher Mojungkim's appointment as OKK when he is well over the age of 65. Whilst they claim that there was no age limit, then what about continuity by successive Government, you mean if the opposition takes over, then the new Government have to accept the OKK appointd by the previous BN leaders? likewise, if that was the case, why do the appointment letter have the termination without notice clause as pointed out by you in your previous posting? why not just say for life? perhaps Christopher Mojungkim's appointment letter said for life... so why has he not shown it? Anyway, my only conclusion is Bernard Dompok, Donald Mojuntin, Christopher Mojungkim and the uncouth herds were being controlled by John Ambrose who have now achieved the result and tht is UMNO will helm the OKK. THey are KDM anyway, so what makes them any less.... at the end a KDM will be the OKK so that would suffice.... we must however thank all the puppets who were put to showcase the s called play and thank them for making the two UPKO flers re: Sylvester and Christopher Mojungkim at ODDS and making UMNO the hero....

  2. So the gomen revoked d appointmnent meaning got vacuum of DC. So back to square one after all the hoo ha. This is what is called a mockery of the system. U don need to be educated to understand the scenario happening. To me dis is no big deal. If autoriti makes the decision tats it.I think there's a conductor somewhere behind d curtain. Hang on Pak Cik Syl...hopefully they come to their senses and realise they too were made tools...

  3. The bottom line is politics won the day just like Clint Eastwood ride his horse in the sunset, so , the lesson here is don't play with politics, the sensible thing to do now is to revamp the appointment of OKK, WKAN, NC, DC etc. and let me remind all the voters in Moyog & Penampang, come 2013 replace them(including the current YBs in Penampang & Moyog and all political appointee).

  4. away with political appointments. Make way for local elections...fair and square to all aspirants!

    King Cup s/o Nche Matahari,
    Garden of Eden.