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Sunday, May 24, 2009

St.Bernadette - They called Stupid.

St. Bernadette of Lourdes
The coffin of St. Bernadette in the  Church of Lourdes, France 

These are the pictures of St.Bernadette who died 122 years ago in Lourdes, France and was buried; her body was only discovered 30 years ago. After  church officials decided to examine it they discovered her body is still fresh until today and if you ever go to Lourdes, France you can see her in the church in Lourdes .. Her body isn’t decomposing because during her lifetime, the Mother of Jesus would always appear to her and give messages and advice to all mankind on the right way to live on this earth. Many miracles have occurred in this place of Lourdes and still do until today.

Scientists are baffled -- because this defies the laws of nature. Instead of a foul smell of a dead body, a fragrance of flowers can be experienced when the coffin is opened. Some say they have experienced this by just being near to the coffin. You can visit the Church of Lourdes, France yourself to verify the authenicity of this and see a living miracle of our times.

The close-up picture of St. Bernadette

The small teenager was exceptionally lovely, both in facial and spiritual characteristics. In fact, it was this mystical radiance of holiness and humility that converted the hearts of her townsmen. But more accurately, the many miracles - which were attributed to her prayerful petitions - softened those who, at first, so blatantly and even cruelly, doubted.

They watched her every move. Often when she made the Sign of the Cross at Mass, tears would run down the cheeks of the devout women. So convincing was her conduct, that her simple theology literally turned hardened hearts, which had long ceased Sacramental participation, back to the fold.

Stories of the village's "little saint" were whispered from mouth-to-mouth, and far too soon appeared in newspapers all across France. After irreverent journalists investigated, they eagerly reported that this French peasant was not only illiterate, uncultivated, and impertinent, but that she was having hallucinations! These unkind words did not offend the child. She probably couldn't understand them. But they outraged her followers, including the stern pastor, Abbe Peyramale. So disturbed was he over the negative reverberations, that he often found himself asking Our Lady and Lord to give him a sign that his little "puppet" was truly a saint, and not, as the media claimed, a fraud. He believed in the girl. But a sign from heaven would make life so much easier to live!

During Mass one Sunday, he saw an unusual light around the head of a young woman, a halo. It was so bright that he couldn't make out the features. Curiously and patiently, he stopped distributing communion, and watched as the woman returned to her pew. It was his "pet", his "angel". So moved was he that Our Lady and Lord would actually send him a miraculous sign, that He never again questioned the sanctity of this young parishioner.

To the accusations that the young woman was stupid, the priest would humbly explain that she was unable to attend school because of ill health which plagued her since childhood. At the age of eleven, she'd contracted cholera and never quite regained her strength. He added that she was the main support of her dear mother, helping to raise her family.

St. Bernadette died on April 16th, 1879 in the 36th Year of Her Age, and the 12th of Her Religious Profession at precisely at the same hour Jesus died, when she gave up her last breath.

Her final words were, "Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for me, poor sinner, poor sinner ..." The nurse, Sister Gabriel, closed the invalid's eyes. It was over.

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