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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kadazan Society Sabah (KSS) pays courtesy call on TYT

The Kadazan Society Sabah (KSS) Supreme Council members and KSS Board of Trustee paid a courtesy call on Yang Dipertua Tun Haji Ahmadshah Abdullah at the Istana here Wednesday (13-05-09). KSS President Datuk Marcel Leiking led his entourage consisting of 13 Supreme Council Members and 3 members of KSS Board of Trustee.
Yang Dipertua Tun Haji Ahmadshah Abdullah
KSS President briefing the Governor.

During the 1 hour-long meeting courtesy call, Datuk Marcel briefed the Governor on the KSS’s activities which were to benefit not only its members in particular but also the community it represents as a whole.

After the briefing, Marcel presented Ahmadshah a “Ka’amatan” cake as a gesture of goodwill from the Kadazan community during this Kadazan Harvest Festival period, now officially known as “Pesta Ka’amatan”.

The cake was actually a "Ka'amatan" cake and not KSS Anniversary Cake as reported in the local papera. It was beautifully prepared and decorated with a gong and a stalk of padi on top of the "Bubud" (embossed) of the gong,  the official logo of KSS. 

The Governor informed the delegation that this was the first time he was presented with a cake in conjunction with the Harvest Festival. He thanked KSS for the kind gesture.

Among those in the delegation were Vice Presidents Freddy  and Douglas Joinol; SG Batholomew Jingulam and Treasurer Darell Leiking; Legal Advisor Datuk John Sikayun; KSS Board of Trustee Chairman Datuk Clarence Bongkos Malakun and his Board members Datuk Balanggung and Datuk Lawrence Sinsua. Other Supreme Council members were Rosenani Sogondu; Anastasia Modili; Albert Tokuzip; Hamdan Suarah; James Bonok; Walter Juming; Aloysius Moinin; Eddy Angat and yours truly.

KSS Official Logo
President signing the Istana Guest Book.
Datuk Clarence Bongkos Malakun
Sylvester J. Disimon
Datuk Lawrence Sinsua
Aloysius Moinin
Freddy Ekol
The Daily Express Paper Thursday 14-05-09
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  1. Pink Roses Cake at 8:19am May 15 says ...
    Thank you for the detailed explanation about the Logo Sylvester. Yes Indeed I did take a nice photo of that cake. I always wanted to do a cake that reflects a Kadazan symbol and thank to Datuk Clarence for letting me do the (KSS Logo) Gong. It was a thrill to me but yet it was a successful one. The person who forwarded the scanned picture from the new was a friend who’s a sub-editor in Boneo post email to me.

  2. Just wondering why KSS not holding any official Kaamatan 2009 celebration this year? Is it because of recession? This is suppose to be the time of all the Kadazans to celebrate and foster close bonding among families, relatives, friends and to those not aware of KSS mission and objectives.