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Monday, May 25, 2009

Reality bites

Korina Sanchez says ...

Many have said, with exasperation, that the worst invention of the modern age would be the cellphone camera. Along with this would be the whole range of video cameras and equipment, some more clandestine in design than others. Cellphone cameras have given the paparazzi an added arsenal in their quest for the ultimate taboo photograph of any kind of celebrity. It has been blamed for causing fights because of its nefarious use.

Just recently, a man in Brazil has been accused of filming more than 2,000 women in the bathroom, using his cellphone camera. How a woman, relieving herself, would be considered sensual and warrant an act of voyeurism from a man just escapes me. And yet, do we see any videos of men in toilets as well? It only goes to show which among the genders has evolved into a higher being.

Indeed, we have become even hungrier for everything voyeur. From illicit sex acts to acts of crime. And the existence of sites like YouTube have only fueled the fire. A chance to gain notoriety or fame, all for free! And the latest in this genre is the Kho-Halili sex video.

Much has already been said about Hayden Kho’s state of mind. What I will say is that there won’t be a need for these kind of videos if there are no voyeurs to sate.

Isn’t it a wonder that every famous celebrity with a sex video seems to get robbed of it, eventually finding its way to the information superhighway? From the Tommy Lee-Pamela Anderson tapes to Paris Hilton. From Vivian Velez to Katrina Halili. Reality videos being all the rage nowadays, this video has found its way into the very psyche of Filipino culture. Rubbernecks and peeping toms are rejoicing.

If anything, this video has highlighted the issues of crimes against women and the right to privacy. And I believe that Kho has violated both. To accept his current defense that he too is a victim and in need of psychiatric help would just add to the crimes already committed.

This whole affair was pre-meditated. And an “insane” person is definitely incapable of planning such an elaborate, scripted performance. Whatever legislation comes out of all this in the form of anti-voyeurism laws, I believe is a step in the right direction. Women should not take this kind of treatment anymore.

Linundus says ...

In Malaysia, there are Politicians and Celebrities who have already fallen victims of this worst invention of the modern age, that is, the cellphone camera. But "necessity is the mother of all inventions".

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