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Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Pope in the Holy Land

Dear Mr. Disimon,

The Pope is off to the Holy Land for an historic visit, and I'm sure a deeply moving personal one. Here is the itinerary: Full schedule for Pope's visit to the Holy Land. This trip is a minefield, so let's keep the Holy Father in our prayers. See our Catholic World News feature for details: 'Spin Control' for the Pope's trip to the Holy Land. Seeing Pope Benedict's apostolic mission in action is a good reminder that we are all nourished by the faith of the Apostles. To learn more about Christ's first bishops, check, which has just been updated in our review section. Phil Lawler and I have also added quite a lot this week to our ongoing—and apparently well-received—discussion of how to strengthen the pro-life movement. In the last Insightsmessage, I promised some spiritual considerations: The Antidote for Pro-Life Depression. Meanwhile, Phil sums up his political advice in the latest post in the string: Working Together: Cooperation in the Pro-Life Movement. But that item reads even better in the context of his separate and beautiful reflection on The Church and the Beehive. Finally, I also review the sum total of reader interventions on this subject, along with a spiritual point, in this week's column: Restating the Pro-Life Question: Readers Help. May God bless all our efforts! Jeff Mirus President Trinity Communications

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