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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Criminal Statistics ... Sabah among the safest?

"Sabah Commissioner of Police Datuk Noor Rashid Ibrahim said a total of 1,970 cases were reported during the period compared to 2,393 cases during the corresponding period last year, a decrease of 423 cases or 17.68 per cent."  
This is far from the truth! People have already lost their confidence in the police force due to its nonchalant attitude towards responding to public complaints or reports on crime investigations.  
Of course the statistical reports compiled from the various Balai Polis are only for the consumption of the CP who will then make an announcement to the public to paint a rosy picture that his Police personnels are carrying out their duties diligently and efficiently based on the statistics made available to him.  
I had the opportunity to speak to a certain Police personnel at the Balai Polis Penampang, CID Section, that crime rate in Penampang District is ever increasing and is actually going beyond control due to the following reasons:  
a) Understaffing: The Penampang District area is too large for the existing CID Personnels to meet the various crime investigations and the demand for criminal policing;  
b) Existing Laws: The existing criminal laws need to be revised in order to keep the habitual criminal offenders off the street;  
c) Public Confidence: The inefficiency of solving crimes and the attitudes of some police personnels in responding to crime reports from the public, have eroded the public confidence due to (a) and (b) above. 
It is now the perception of the public towards the Police that they cannot response quick enough to investigate crimes reported to them. This is either lack of police personnels to carry out the investigation immediately, or 'could-not-careless' (or non-receptive) attitude, the former might be the more appropriate reason.  
The public are no longer eager to call the police if there is a criminal incidence taking place due to poor response from them (Police) in the past. Hence, this stigma must be wiped out if the CP wants the public confidence reinstated.

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  1. A Democratic Action Party (DAP) delegation paid a visit to Sabah Commissioner of Police Datuk Noor Rashid Ibrahim, Wednesday, to further understand the police's functions and also to voice out various problems faced by Sabahans.

    MP Dr Hiew King Cheu, who led the group, said among the matters discussed during the one-hour meeting were illegal moneylenders and 4-D lottery, lack of police patrol, police beat base in Kingfisher Park and Lintas Square/Plaza, lengthy procedure to file police reports and difficulty to file reports in rural districts, especially in plantation areas in the East Coast.