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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pig heads flung into mosques

By Wong Choon Mei KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 27: Pakatan Rakyat and civil society leaders have condemned the throwing of pig heads into two mosques as acts of reverse-psychology intended to drive the wedge deeper between the Muslims and the Christians in the country by irresponsible and power-crazed politicians. “This is clearly reverse-psychology propaganda by ruthless politicians who think they can still divide, control and confuse the people with such disgusting and outdated methods,” PAS strategist Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad told Harakahdaily. ‘These are deliberate acts of provocation and not the isolated cases of mischief that the police and the Home Ministry have pretended they were,” Tian Chua, PKR strategic director, told Harakahdaily. “Going forward, Pakatan expects more houses of worship to be attacked. The aim is simple – to create as much fear and tension in society as possible so that they can justify and prolong their narrow and parochial interests,” Tian added. The pig heads, wrapped in plastic, were discovered in the compounds of the Masjid Taman Datuk Harun and Masjid Taman Seri Sentosa, both of which are situated along Jalan Kelang Lama in Petaling Jaya and about three kilometres apart. The mosques are also within the Kampung Medan area, which in 2001 was hit by an ethnic clash that reportedly left six people dead. Thirty pieces of RM1 notes were also found in the compound of the Masjid Taman Datuk Harun. The discovery was made by devotees when they came to attend morning prayers at 5.30 am.
Leaving pig heads at Muslim places of worships have happened before in Malaysia. It is considered an ultimate insult as the animal is taboo to Muslims and eating pork and pig by-products are banned. READ MORE HERE
A year ago, a pig's head, sliced into two, was found on top of a PAS flag on the floor of the Universiti Malaya surau.
Meanwhile, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan has issued a warning to culprits not to stoke racial tension.

He said police will investigate the incidents in Taman Dato Harun and Taman Sentosa thoroughly and bring those responsible to book.

“We will meet with heads of all religious groups in the district to seek their assistance to cool things down.

“I have directed that extra patrols be conducted at places of worship throughout the country.

“We will not compromise as far as peace and security is concerned and will do everything within our means to ensure no untoward incident happens,” he said while appealing for information regarding the two incidents.

Petaling Jaya Selatan Umno division chairman Raja Datuk Hanipuddin Raja Nong Chik urged residents to be calm and not to take the law in their hands and let the police conduct its investigation.

He had also condemned the conduct of the culprits responsible for the incident.


  1. 30 pieces of RM1 note! why not 30 pieces of silver coin...looks like Judas (CBM) threw it there.

  2. Linundus,if the Police cannot control this sad incident some ala "Al-Qaeda" muslim will organize demonstrations nationwide to protest and to condemn this act in order to provoke violence to the public and normally they will do it after the friday prayer outside the mosque probably this friday 29/1/2010 or earlier just like churches arson.

    Hence, beware and let us be alert and form voluntary groups or vigilante to defend and protect our churches (Catholic, SIB, SDA, Anglican, Basel, Protestant, Calvary, True Jesus and other Christian denomination) starting from today.

    FYI, this message has no intention to start any panic or chaos but only as my personal opinion.