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Thursday, January 14, 2010

“MESSIAH” Mehmet Ali Agca to write a “perfect Bible”

Mehmet Ali Agca in police custody in Istanbul on 20 Jan 2006/Cihan

Mehmet Ali Agca, Pope John Paul’s would-be assassin due to be released from prison on Monday, has answered a set of questions put to him by Reuters through his lawyers. Earlier on Wednesday, his lawyers issued a hand-written letter to journalists in which he called for a new “American Empire.” Our later news story on his answers to our questions highlights his stated desire to visit the late pope’s tomb in Saint Peter’s Basilica. The statement went on to call on Pope Benedict to announce the end of the world and say he would prove he was “Agca the Messiah” and would write the “perfect Bible.” Agca’s answers are rambling and bizarre.

Read the complete text of the Q&A to give a fuller view of his current thinking HERE.

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  1. Mehmet Ali Agca was released today and he even dared to said that , "He is the Devine Jesus Christ and the world will end this century".