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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sacrilegious Acts by Unbelieving Spies in Church

By nkw

I have just been asked what I think of the recent event in which two journalists from Al Islam surreptitiously joined a worship service in a Catholic church, supposedly to verify if there are Malay Christians in the church. LINK1 Malaysiakini; LINK2 (Nutgraph);LINK3 (STAR).

In general I have no problem with Muslims coming to churches to spy on us. Indeed, we Christians welcome all visitors and that includes spies who harbor ill feelings and mischievous intent towards us. After all, it is only when people hear the good news being preached that they then realize the need to receive freely God’s healing grace and salvation. Hopefully, even spies may be positively impressed and return the good will that should be evident in an ambience filled with Christian love and fellowship.

We need however, to note that the act in which the two Muslims took communion and spit off the host (bread) is not acceptable to Catholics. Catholics will be offended by such an act of sacrilege (given their doctrine of transubstantiation). Hmm – I wonder whether they managed to spit out the wine served in the communion.

The question is whether these Muslims acted out of ignorance or out of malice. By malice I mean an act intended to belittle or insult Catholic worship or incite prejudice or hatred from their readers. We can make a conclusion on their motive based on how they report it in Al Islam.


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