LONDON - Michael Jackson’s fans created a frenzy after possibly sighting the ghost of the pop legend at hisNeverland ranch recently.

An eerie shadow resembling Jackson’s figure appeared on a wall in the singer’s former home during a live television programme last week, reports If reports are to be believed, the shadow walked across the corridor and even moved quickly from left to right before disappearing.

The sighting reportedly took place during CNN’s special show Inside Neverland, where Larry King was in conversation with Jackson’s brother Jermaine.

While shooting, the crew of the show takes viewers on a tour of the ranch and when the camera enters a long hallway, the shadowy figure appears at its far end.

Neither the presenter nor the cameraman noticed the shadow, but after it was posted on video sharing website YouTube, fans started pinpointing the shadow.

It was there that the fans reportedly spotted the shadow, and insisted it to be Jackson’s ghost.

Jackson passed away June 25 after suffering a cardiac arrest at his Los Angeles home.



It is our local believe that the dead person's spirit would go back to the house to collect his/her belongings on the 6th night after death irrespective of how and where a person died.