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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shattered Hopes and Broken Dreams

L-R, Dr, Nicholas Bawin of Sarawak, P. Waythayamoorty, Chairman Hindraf movement, Labour party MP, Virenda Sharma, and Daniel John Jambun of Sabah.

A Memorandum on the Fate of Sabah in the Malaysian Federation Presented by DANIEL JOHN JAMBUN, Esq, at the House of Commons, London, the United Kingdom on March 9, 2010.

“For decades now, we the people of Sabah, have been haunted by ghosts of history dating back to August 31, 1963, the day we gained independence from Great Britain. Malaysia was conceptualised and constituted with the best of promises, endearing in us hopes and dreams for a greater future. It is with sadness that I stand here to witness that what had transpired since September 16, 1963 had been a series of events that had led us to the present situation in which we can justly proclaim to be a situation of shattered hopes and broken dreams!


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  1. 0ne must appreciate the unprecedented appearances of Daniel John Ambun and his courageous colleagues to present to the British House of Commons on the grouses of Sabahans. What an eloquence speech. The British wanted to leave the Borneo states hurriedly after the collapse of the Empire in the Middle East, and as a face saving proposed and created Malaysia, without taking into consideration the backwardness of the Borneon States at that time in terms of politics, education, economy etc. Those who opposed later changed thier minds. In short the Sabahans were not ready to achieve as a fully independent, but the British simply didnt care any more. All they want is to lepas tangan by hook or by crook. In fact the late President Sukarno was in a way rightly described Malaysia as a neo colonialist state, but we didnt see it that way then because of all the sweet promises of a new Malaysia ' full of milk and honey'. How I wish Daniel John Ambun and his colleagues had made such eloquent speech in our Parliament. The British can only nod thier heard in agreement, but they cannot do anything because the then British government plotted the creation of Malaysia. As I have said before we Sabahans must fight our rights and fight it hard because our rights is not given to us on a gold platter. Our hopes and dreams is within our grasp but not and until we stop ' attacking each other ' rather to hold our hands to one another and move forward in unison.Lets us all make a pledge to make it happen.