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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Failure of Nur Amalina Che Bakri status clarified

Linundus has received a letter through e-mail from Charis Wong who is currently a 3rd year Edinburgh medical student and a course-mate of Nur Amalina Che Bakri, clarifying the latter’s status as a 17A1 scorer which appeared in this blog.

"Dear all. I'm Charis, currently a 3rd year Edinburgh medical student.

I'm writing this as I'm absolutely saddened and disgusted by the rumours spread about my course mate Nur Amalina Che Bakri or more popular known on the net as the 17A1 scorer. To clarify, she is doing very well and is actually doing an intercalated honours degree in Pharmacology with Industrial Experience.

She did not fail her second year but actually did quite well. That intercalated degree is a very competitive one and she obtained it by her merit (with Bank Negara's funding). If I'm not mistaken, she has also obtained an ERASMUS transfer programme where she can do part of that course in a partner European university. She will be returning to 3rd year medicine in 2010, and if all things go well, graduate in 2013.

I understand that there is widespread dissatisfaction about the allocation of scholarships in Malaysia. However, whether it is just or not, I think that Nur Amalina or other scholars should never be victimised by false rumours. It is NOT their fault, whatever it is. Leave her alone, please.

If your anger or frustration is meant to be at the scholarship-givers, i.e. the government or other organisations giving out scholarships, let it be directed at them and them only, and voice out your concerns and frustrations in a manner worthy of a concern citizen.

There are flaws to the system, no doubt. There's the question on whether such a heavy cost of sending a scholar overseas is justified.

Then, there is the issue of scholars who 'disappear' after graduating. There are scholars who fail year after a year, costing taxpayers a huge sum of money. And there's always that talk about the unclear criteria of selection for scholarships.

But let's get our facts right before pointing our fingers, and perhaps check who we are pointing our fingers at, lest we wrongly defame and even character assassinate young scholars with great potential." Your fellow Malaysian,

Charis Wong

Wong can be reached at


  1. Keep up not bother the "frogs" who cannot make it the grade..dunno worry a lot of Malays are in good universities but cycnism and criticsm from a particular ethnic group or people is common because they live in fantasy world always think they are always good...time has changed everyone has fair equal play now based on pure merits...

  2. i really miss her... where are u.please come back..she's my idol... <3<3<3