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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jeffrey Kitingan to form new party?

By Joseph Bingkasan

KINABALU: After being side-lined by Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) from the party’s Sabah liaison committee, Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan is mulling to proceed with his plans to form a new Sabah-based political party.

Sources said Jeffrey is considering to submit his application to the Registrar of Societies to register his party – One Nation Party (Parti Satu Negara, Paati Iso Pogun) or join a Sabah-based opposition party.

Among Jeffrey’s senior aides in preparing for the formation of the new party are former Sabah PKR deputy chief Daniel John Jambun and Mozes Iking, a lawyer who contested and lost to Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) president Datuk Seri Joseph Pairin Kitingan in Tambunan in the last general elections.


1 comment:

  1. What a name? Paati Iso Pogun or Parti Satu Negara or One Nation Party, unfortunately its look like one Kingdom party from the plain of Tambunan. Anyway, Dr Jeffrey, you should have form your own party donkeys years ago. Its better late than never ka mai dii, and I think your timing is right now because after PBS and its splinter parties joined the BN its look like we are still second class citizens.

    In spite of your negative political records, the only thing now is to have the right person in your new party. Please avoid any reject or frogs leaders and choose only any partyless individual with the right mind, principle, ethical, objective, mission and vision in this future struggle that is to blow "the wind of change" in Sabah.

    You remember during your heydays in politics, a taxi driver won an election and became a YB and an underdog can beat a Sabah CM, so everthing is possible provided we have the right POIC i.e. Planning, Organized, Implement and Control and Strategies.

    We must have an agenda start from now that is "Time for Change". Its time to change our leaders especially PBS and its splinter parties have been our leaders for 25 years but we are still the poorest in Malaysia, our native land bulldozed by West Malaysian, basic facilities like electricity, water, telephone and road are still problem inspite of 46 years independence, schoolchildren have to travel long hours due to poor communication like roads especially in the rural areas, our level of education, computer literacy, doing business are very poor, poor ratio in the distribution of scholarships, biased and nepotisim in Civil Service and Govt agency and the mother of all problems are the long outstanding issues of illegal immigrant (PTI) and the issuance of illegal MyKad among the PTI.

    If your walk in Donggongon town, you can see out of 5 persons, 3 persons are PTI, its alarming men. Sabah DCM and PBS Datuk Pairin have said that how can PTIs walk freely in the public and enjoyed public facilities for free because these people are illegal in the first place.

    During PBS last congress Datuk Pairin set the ultimatum deadline to solve the Illegal Immigrants issues in Sabah once and for all by 2012. What a date? Why fix a date before the GE13? Do PBS want to leave BN again if this illegal immigrant issues is not solve? Do PBS realized how old they are now? I know the journey of PBS and company is not that smooth sailing but why after 7 years in the BN and the others about 15 years, the problems are still the same.

    I think these leaders have failed and as what I said if the rakyat want a change, then the agenda now is "Time for Change" and for a start if there is no any capable Sabah-based party beside SAPP then this Dr Jeffrey's new party is our stepping stone for a new dawn of Sabah politics. Blow the wind of change now!