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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

OKlah OKK for now

By Joseph Bingkasan

This was expected.

Sylvester Disimon's appointment on Aug 3, 2009 as the newPenampang District Chief (OKK) had been revoked on Friday Aug 28, 2009. He was due to report duty today but the surprise turn of event turned out to be not in his favour. He was sacked before he could officially entered the OKK office at the Urusetia Penampang.

And OKK Christopher Mojungkim, whose tenure of office was terminated on July 23, 2009, now continue to warm the OKK seat. The termination had been revoked.

These facts were confirmed by the Penampang District Officer Gundohing William Sampil.

It look like the Moyog assemblyman Donald Datuk Peter Mojuntin, who recommended Sylvester's appointment and Christopher's termination, had a change of heart.

Donald used his power to recommend Christopher's reinstatement and cancelled Sylvester's appointment. It will be interesting to see latest development on this matter in the days to come.


  1. Obviously, the YBs are not really interested to promote 'quality and excellence' in the Kadazan Community in Penampang, especially those who they considered as a 'challenge' to them and are 'smarter' than the ordinary 'dusun-kampung' folks : what a pity for the Kadazan Community who are relegated to 'kelas kambing' and talking about Kadazan Native Laws and Adat, what legal status has it got compared to 'Syariah' laws! Another case of 'kaki lima - aramai iti' type of mentality. Hopefully not!

  2. Imagine there was no publicity about Gun SJD's appointment as the new P'pang DC and he just made a surprised and reported duty on a week ago (1/9/2009). Of course, somebody will scream hysterically but gradually it will fade away, for example, two UMNO's A Sikawah and J Molijoh's appointment, "orang complain tapi lama-lama terima juga mereka". Anyway, we just wait until the "cooling period" is over, I suggest Gun SJD must have strategic planning, use the Israel way "Libya bombing" or the Japanese way "Pearl Harbour".